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  1. Geodesics in Heat

    Links to some of the papers discussed in the video: Heat method: https://t.co/AqWKSqHKCj Point cloud Laplacian: https://t.co/wUSChIOMV7 Moving least squares: https://t.co/TYmV0H28ke
  2. Geodesics in Heat

    Hi everyone! I've made an illustration video-tutorial about the Heat Method application to point clouds by Keenan Crane et al, Yang Liu et al and others.
  3. Sheridan college, Xuejie Cheng

  4. The Hero vs the Villain! Personal project. Wanted to do some massive house destruction, also had an idea about these two characters. Maybe you can recognize one of them xD Modeling: Maya. Destruction dynamics: Houdini. Rendering: Houdini, Mantra. Compositing: Nuke. More info in the video description
  5. Fishy Fish flock

    You can check it here: http://www.red3d.com/cwr/boids/ or any other tutorials. The idea is to set some simple rules to each boid so then they will behave correctly, without intersections and flying around together. There are 3 basic forces: cohesion, alignment, separation. What you will need is to calculate acceleration vector for each of them (red vector on that website), then simply sum them and you will get an acceleration for a point. Then in solver node you simply calculate the velocity and manually move a point to a new position. For example in cohesion, u will get for example 10 neighbors. Calculate their average position and acceleration vector for the current point would be P_average - P_current.
  6. Fishy Fish flock

    Hi there! My recent finished work where I used VEX to create fish flocking model. Difference from basic boid flocking model is that I made fishes to be aware of their front, right, left, etc and they turn towards their goal considering this. You can see it in Cohesion - fishes try to reach point in the middle of the screen. When point is behind they try to turn towards the point making circles, instead of just swimming backwards. Obstacle avoidance was done using sdf volume. After simulation was done I smoothed it a bit inside CHOP. Fish animation respect speed changes. Also fishes can bend depending on their velocity change. Rendered in Mantra, composed in Nuke.
  7. Feather system development

    Recorded a quick tutorial: Also some bug fixing: Removed jumping orientation of the feathers There can be some skinning issues, so I added two more controls: - Fix_point_skin - increase the search radius. You can increase this if point movement is weird. - Fix_point_attributes - if you notice that there are less feathers than points then you can increase this too. However it should be ok how it is. Owly_feathers.zip
  8. Feather system development

    I think, I'll record a short video later =)
  9. Feather system development

    Thanks! those who downloaded this - do you think I need to turn it into some digital asset? Cos I have no idea how to do it when there are some paintable attributes plus all dymanics and additional objects are in other sop nodes. Or it is fine as it is now?
  10. Feather system development

    Thanks everyone! I had some time to work on this a little bit more. So I refreshed the video file. Now it also has a bonus fancy closeshot xD Also I cleaned up my asset and want to share it with you guys. So what is it: Feather system based on wire dynamic simulation. Originally it was based on the fur system but now there is only few nodes left from it. It also has cloth-like behavior to make animation smoother. you can: - paint attributes such as comb, length, density,texture blending. - texture each feather, color all of them using skin texture. - blend multiple feather textures together - ruffle feathers, mystique effect. - supports custom imported curves. For example I created some curves in blender and used them to drive feathers. Some issues for now: - it intersects. Because it is not a cloth sim but the wire sim feathers doesn't know about their neighbors so they can intersect. However when there are a lot of feathers and they all have proper alpha texture you won't see it much. - mystique effect needs to be polished. Just need to add ramp parameter to control bending. Also I want to share it on orbolt. So I would like u to test it and say what do you think. Owly_feathers.zip
  11. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Great topic! Thanks for the hip files. Made some tests: Hip (you'll need to cache several files first): tabletop_dissolve.hipnc
  12. Feather system development

    Finished my project with this creature. I also want to make a close shot of its face.
  13. Feather system development

    Character sneak peek xD I'll render some video soon and I'll try to clean my hip file to upload it here =) Hope someone will take care of it and develop it further xD
  14. Uniform Surface Scattering

    haha, looks like this could be done much easier with a remesh node xD uniform_scatter_remesh.hipnc
  15. Feather system development

    https://vimeo.com/106747299 Hey! color test here xD I think I'll text next on a character. So i'll need to build it xD