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  1. Open UV View (Uv Editor ) in Python

    Thanks you guy for the help , the second code work fine with me , thanks again .
  2. Open UV View (Uv Editor ) in Python

    No one ?
  3. Open UV View (Uv Editor ) in Python

    import hou desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() pane = desktop.createFloatingPane(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) # Get the display settings settings = pane.curViewport().settings() I did this code which open a new window for the scene viewer , but missing the last step to switch it to Uv View .
  4. Open UV View (Uv Editor ) in Python

    Hello , I'm looking for a way in python to open UV View (UV Editor) in a separate window , any help .
  5. 2 Shelf in the layout ?

    Thanks michael .
  6. 2 Shelf in the layout ?

    Hello , I'm trying to customize my houdini layout to put a 2 shelf on top of each other like the image below in softimage , but i can't figure out how to do that , is this possible ?
  7. Open Parameter Window for specific node in python

    Work fine , many thanks .
  8. Hi guys , sorry for the basic question , but i need to open the parameter window for any node via the python script , how i can do that . p.s : what i mean by parameter window is : (Right click on any node > parameter and channel > parameter ) .
  9. Redshift for Houdini, call for developers

    Waiting for this from one year ago , our pipeline is based on softimage and redshift , and what holding us from switching over to Houdini is redshift plugin for it , so we can't help with developing plugin , but we can help with feedback and suggestion for workflow and find a bugs in production project .
  10. problem with Motion Blur and Alembic

    Sorry to bumb the thread again , but i have the same problem here , is there any way to get the flip mesh exported with velocity ?