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  1. Differential curve growth

    Just wanted to post a variant of the very first setup using a per segment resampling rather than resampling the whole line, so the parts moving gets an extra push which yields a bit more "oily" look to it. I was using the per segment resampling for a completely different thing when I came to think about testing it with this differential line setup. diff.curve.variant.v1.hiplc
  2. Grain Solver - Animated Geometry - Sandman

    LOL, sorry, yes, I did forget you. This is how you do it using the gradient - the part is 20 minutes in. I'll see if I can find a better tutorials and/or do a simple setup with grains for you.
  3. Closest Distance to point!

    The functionality you are after is basically how the "connect adjacent pieces" SOP works in point mode - and you could probably mod that SOP to do what you are after.
  4. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Hehe, I didn't do anything close to that nice VEX, I just did the simplest crap even just accumulated heat to a level, upwards force over a certain value, then dissipated the heat and a downwards force on a certain value - so my laziness might be the biggest issue with my setup, or my incompetence, or a combination of both.
  5. Sourcing grains as particle emitted?

    VEX deformer? Not something I added, something in the SESI assets I'm guessing..?
  6. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Good question about FEM. The deforming, changing mesh is one issue, that you have meshes combining, splitting, another. But I would guess it could work if you remesh and tetrahedralize it per sim step, but it would be immensely computationally expensive - and might look like crap. But the worst part about the idea is it's likely way to much of a tweaking nightmare. As I've said before, tweaking is for getting stuff look good, not for getting stuff working. If I find an approach is to hard to get going in the right direction, I'll drop it and try another approach, and then another, and if they seem worse, I might go back to the first one, and give it another go. But don't get stuck trying to make stuff work, it'll kill your enjoyment of doing this stuff. In this particular case, we know we have a setup that works - the zero g FLIP - so not basing a lava lamp setup on that would be very foolish - using that setup you're halfway there already, anything else you'll have to start from scratch, more or less. And I don't mean we shouldn't try other things - we should always do that - but say this was client work, then it's just no question about it, it's the zero g setup which will give you the rest of the time until deadline to get it looking "right".
  7. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Metaballs are just "sticky primitives" so you don't sim those at all, they just create geometry from points. But the problem is they are pretty recognizable as metaballs, so it's not a good solution unless it's just for something in the background. The zero g FLIP sim is the only thing that will behave realistically enough for a hero object. amoebtastic.hiplc
  8. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Here's the scene file for the FLIP/FLIP setup. I don't think this is a good approach - though the issue might be me just approaching it badly. For now, at least, I'm moving onto the zero gravity/Pyro setup, see if that works better. lava.lamp.v2.hiplc
  9. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Naeh, it's not the simming in itself, it's sim'ing, tweaking, sim'ing, tweaking, sim'ing, and so f¤%&/ing on... It's just too hard to get this setup looking even close to "right". At this point my crap fakery from this morning looks 100 times better than my FLIP setup after hours trying to get it even close to working... This is really the stuff that drives me, I get panicky as F! getting into these endless tweaking sessions, waiting to see if it looks better, worse, that's why I'm always into simplifying and faking stuff. Tweaking should be about getting stuff "perfect", not getting it working at all.
  10. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Just wanted to pop in and say HOLY F*CK how annoyingly slow it is to tweak fluids. Working with a dual viscosity setup right now, it's just horrible to tweak, I'll be here rest of the year, ffs... Ditching that crap for a mixed setup next - as I suggest earlier, zero gravity FLIP for the vax, Pyro for the "liquid". Hope it's faster to tweak than this crap.
  11. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Yeah, you gotta sim som kind of fluid to get the correct feeling of movement - though as I stated before, it doesn't necessarily need to be FLIP, you can use pyro too, for driving the movement. And I'm watching the tutorial now, I'll definitely play around with some of the stuff used in it. Using gradients is one of the first things I did, as I started out with POPs, learning Houdini. They are really useable for a lot of stuff, like layering particles inside an object, etc... But I'm having a calm day so I might continue with this stuff today, if nothing else gets in between, and I'll post anything I come up with.
  12. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Much appreciated, Tim, I was actually looking for that tut before doing anything, but I thought it was a Peter Quinn tut and I couldn't find it... But yeah, this zero gravity FLIP setup but driven by a Pyro sim for the lava lamp motion, I would guess at this point it's basically the perfect solution for a lava lamp.
  13. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    I got kinda inspired but decided to start from scratch and this is what I came up with, using metaballs. The problem with metaballs, though, is they want to be round. I think a combination of these techniques might be a winner, so starting out with geometry and doing a FEM sim as a first step, then grouping a couple of points from the FEM sim and copying metaballs to them... I think that should work, providing the best of both worlds, so to speak. And though I know you can already set it up, if I'm not mistaken, SESI is implementing a new surface tension feature in the FLIP solver in H16 and with that and playing with viscosity, you should be able to set this up pretty easily in a single FLIP setup. Maybe. lava.lamp.v1.hiplc
  14. Packed prims are particles so yet - though @w will not translate to packed prims unless you link it to the orient attribute - if I'm not mistaken. Check this thread:
  15. Haha, reading your first post I was just gonna suggest FEM for this - though I would not use that level resolution at all, I would basically sim the whole branch as hull.
  16. Dam Relesed Effect

    Aah, cool. Would love to follow the progress.
  17. Dam Relesed Effect

    You forgot to post a link.
  18. The boxes already are in the SOP solver, but they are packed. If you want to change geometry, you need to unpack them, edit them, then repack them - which can be expensive, depending on what you want to do. So the easiest question is, what do you want to do in the SOP solver?
  19. Dam Relesed Effect

    I actually made a mistake in what I wrote. I would sim the spray and whitewater after the Pyro and import the gas velocities to get that feedback in the details. It's an airfield compromise, of sorts. So... Particles -> FLIP (affected by particles) -> Pyro (affected by particles and FLIP) -> spray & whitewater (affected by particles, FLIP and Pyro)
  20. novice - modify point inside SORT SOP

    I would propose it's more like a staircase - it's not really complicated per small piece, but there's just an endless amount of small pieces. But Houdini is amazingly consistent, so almost everything you learn will be applicable in many places.
  21. Dam Relesed Effect

    Cool, I gotta check that thread too. Do to an upcoming project with RBD interacting with water, I've actually been in contact with Olivier Maury (who did the mentioned Siggraph demo) recently, about stacking solvers - as their Physbam FLIP solver and Plume can't exchange data at all, they layered the effect. So that's basically why I split it up as I did in my first port.
  22. Sourcing grains as particle emitted?

    Funny, I made this to answer a question in another thread yesterday. sand_emit.hiplc
  23. Dam Relesed Effect

    I would use particles and Pyro for the cascading stuff, FLIP fluids for collision - but I would set up and bake the particle stuff first. There's no reason for the cascading stuff to interact, it's all going in one direction, so that's why I'd go for particles. Then I would use those baked particles to drive the FLIP interaction, spray, whitewater, and bake that. Finally I'd do the pyro, because I would want it interacting (or at least inheriting velocities from closeby particles/FLIP). Not saying this is the best way, but it would be my initial approach.
  24. Bullet and scale

    Gravity only works in one direction and though you might want to play with that too, increasing it with lower time scales to compensate for things falling at max velocity falling "too slow" - but primarily I would primarily tweak the timescale - bigger things move "slower", smaller moves "faster", so to speak.
  25. novice - modify point inside SORT SOP

    I played a lot with point sorting and it's really useful when it works as you want it too, but that's not always the case. It might be a better solution to create a transitional point attribute, arrange it's values as you want, then use that attribute in a sort - that will give you a lot more control.