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  1. Not my work Atom - though I love you believe I'm competent enough to create that setup. :D

    That being said, if you have the coral letter model, you could probably tweak a setup like this to create a similar type of deformation.


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  2. Drag doesn't work where? With grains you'd use a POP drag as it's iterating over the POP solver, for the FEM, isn't there a dampening function in the object? Either way it's not overly difficult to setup some faux drag in a SOP solver, just putting something like @v *= .90; in a wrangle SOP is something I use a lot.

  3. I would sim ropes first - using the wire solver if you want rope on rope interaction (rope porn?) - and then sim the sails using the FEM cloth solver or grain solver. The grain solver is way faster than the FEM cloth solver though the FEM solver is easier to tweak to get a specific cloth look (stiffness, weight, etc) than using grain sheets. And I'm pretty sure I heard people state nCloth is substantially faster than both - though I don't have personal experience, so I might be wrong.

    For doing a 2-way setup, so you have cloth feedback on the ropes and rope feedback on the cloth, I really think keeping it all as grains would be the least computationally expensive - doing feedback between different solvers is usually very heavy.

  4. Hilarious, I almost fell off my chair here. Joh: MTV Raps :D 

    Anyhow, I would look into velocity smoothing, because the underlying particles creating the bumps aren't really travelling straight, but kinda wave'y, so smoothing that out, would

    Or you could do the opposite, increasing the resolution even more and adding a tiny amount of positional noise and then smooth that out in the surface meshing.

  5. Personally I would split it in two parts, one in comp for the transition and edge, then I'd also output a mask for it and I'd use that mask to generate fuel for a pyro sim.

    Here I used no fire, it's all done in Fusion, but this is basically the setup for step one in how I would do a paper burn in Houdini...


  6. Well, I want to create a good solution for this either way, so I will absolutely get back to it and do a good setup, the timing was just really off. My bad.

    Maybe it'll be the first thing I do on the new build, though, I have to feed those 20 cores something, maybe they like grains... :D 

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  7. Yeah, this is an absolute mess - I still haven't gotten to setting it up and I probably can't before next week. I've been seriously busy over the last couple of days because I will have some downtime over the upcoming week. I'm doing a pretty extreme upgrade as well as migrating to CentOS on my main workstation, so I had to get a lot of work out of the way to be able to do that at all - as well as spend time making sure I have everything I need to start the migration. So that's why I haven't been active here or any other thread these last couple of days. And tomorrow I'm starting to migrate hardware and monday-tuesday, I'll be starting with OS and apps, so now I won't even be avle to run Houdini until mid of next week...

    But yeah, I just wanted to fill you in why I haven't managed to get this stuff done, I feel kinda stupid having to push this in front of me time after time. :(

  8. Sorry for the delay... I was hoping to get a scene file posted here before the weekend, but then I just ran into a wall of other stuff to do, so haven't even touched Houdini since last week. But I'm gonna do some Houdini work now and I'll see if I can  take time in between too get a setup up and working, kinda like how I would do it - if this works as I want it to, though I believe it will. :)