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  1. Scene scale and sourcing

    Got it working messing about with the point seperation. Cheers.
  2. Scene scale and sourcing

    Hey, having some issues when trying to source volume from small scale objects. Working to 1 unit is 1 metre. When I create a cube it's created at 2 units squared? I want to scale this down to be around 0.02 , 0.1, 0.02 so it is the correct scale in relation to my object I'm colliding with. Problem is nothing works correctly at this scale, so my question is what am I doing wrong here? Thanks!
  3. Hey, so I have a moving bit of geometry and I've scattered some points where I want the emission. I'm emitting flip fluid from these scattered points and now want the fluid to follow more or less with my object and slowly start dripping off, any ideas on how to get the fluid to stick/follow? At the moment it's just being left behind... roadrunner esq. (I've got a gas stick collision, good amount of viscosity already, perhaps almost like it needs to inherit some initial velocity?) Thanks, Kristaan