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  1. Bridge Collapse

    I thought It would be interesting to repeat the same effect with today's more advanced tools. Here's the result Hope you like it!
  2. Voronoi - dynamic - location based fracture (WIP)

    Looks awesome! I can't wait to try it!
  3. good work, buddy. you are inspiration to all of us. take care ;-)

  4. Bridge Collapse

    Let the noise affect only to a group that uses $AGE to include the particles you want.
  5. Bridge Collapse

  6. WIP: Ocean and rock splash

    Good work! I'm glad to be useful!
  7. trouble with sesi's fire example

    I think in sesi's file the simulation's domain resolution is lower compared to the resolution they actually used. I think it says that somewhere... That's what I remember anyway. I could be mistaken...
  8. Evil Sphere

    That's very cool!
  9. VEX Sun

    That's useful. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Cool scenes! First of all, in the wall animation at the beggining, I'd randomize the amount of velocity that is inherited by the particles. I think it'd look more realistic. I suppose sprites would work for all those particle animations. Try to get the ideal mix between particle count - sprite size and with motion blur and a decent shader it will look great.
  11. Ocean Wirlpool Tornado

    Very nice work! I wish we could see it in higher resolution.
  12. Particles effects and Hair with Horses

    That looks very good! I'd definately add many more particles. The low count can be seen specially in the reflection and it doesn't look right.
  13. birthing particles based on velocity

    The complement vop does 1-input, and the clamp vop limits the input to a minimum and a maximum value.
  14. Maelstrom

    Well, I think here is the final version I didn't model the ship. It was imported via FBX from Max. http://www.miguelperezsenent.com/Media/Ani...e_maelstrom.avi