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  1. Foreach question : multiple input

    Hey ! What an old post indeed ! Yes what you said @deshu is the way to go !
  2. emit packed rigid bodies efficiently

    Thanks a lot for the files, it was really helpfull ! @anim > Are you forced to emit from the object that will be the rbd ? I can't figure out how to emit your torus from something else (a grid for exemple) without using @mestela's file... Also, does anyone have an idea for @Citadel15635's question about scale ? I am pretty intersted to push things that way too !
  3. frozen_bubble_WIP

    You have to use the search in the forum Here is the search result : http://forums.odforce.net/search/?type=all&q=growing and a post about your problem : For critics about your demo, please do another subject
  4. frozen_bubble_WIP

    You have said that you need some help but you did not say about what...
  5. Fever Dreams

    While I was at school and learning modeling, I had an awful nightmare where a vertex was going out of my topology and moving it self to infinity, eventually it pop out from my far clip plane of "camera" (aka my eyes"). I tried to move myself, firstly by pressing the "F" key (I was in Maya in my dream) but it didn't worked so I slided and slided and slided but nothing worked... Eventually I woke up and go to school, fearing to have the same issue for real...
  6. Help - Dissertation Questionnaire

    Also the best survey forms that I have seen (and free) is Typeform, take a look ! https://www.typeform.com/
  7. Hello everyone, I begin to use the take system in Houdini, it seems to be great but I have an issue. I have two simulation that I like in a Dop network, their parameters are setted with the take system. Once I want to export it, I lay down two dopIO node, set the "render with take" on each take, and press save to disk. If parameter "Valid Frame Range" is setted to save frame range, it worked great, but if I have the param setted on "Save current frame" it seems to render the current take (or Main take). Is anyone else having this bug or maybe I have done something wrong ? If someone else have this bug, is there a way to submit a bug to side effects ? Thanks !
  8. Is it possible to cache Multiple Dop I/O with takes ?

    Hello Shinjipierre, Thanks for pointing out the wedge node, I did not knew it. I have tried again and it seems that the problem is coming from the take system... I will do another post to explain it... Thanks anyway ! EDIT : I have retried the ropnet with fetch method, it worked, it seems that the first time I had done something wrong. EDIT 2 : Here is the other post :
  9. Hello everyone, I used to cache multiple alembic using the technique described here : http://nicholaspfeiffer.com/blog/2016/1/16/houdini-tip-of-the-day-render-multiple-alembic-rops-at-one-time (Long story short : rop network > multiple fetch > a merge > click render > caches every fetch. That's cool !). I thought that it would work the same way if I use this technique to render multiple Dop I/O node. For the first time I want to use the take system to cache multiple sim over the night (changing resolution and parameters). So in an obj node I dropped 2 Dop I/O, set their "Render With Take" parameter on each one, then dropped a Rop Network, two "Fetch" nodes and set their path to the dop I/O "render", dropped a merge, and hit "render". The result expected would be to have the different takes cached but instead I had the Main take cached, two times... What do I do wrong ? Thanks for the help, if a scene is needed I will do a simple version of it Have a great day/night !
  10. maya model to houdini for Dynamics

    Hello, You can use the alembic archive node in obj level, it will create a tree view inside the node, that way you can import objects with some object merge nodes. Have a look at the for each loop and unpack, I think that it can be the way to do it. Maybe someone will give you a better answer than mine, but that a beginning point Have a great day.
  11. Exporting Houdini Particles to Maya

    Just came to say thanks to @Atom for the presentation ! I am really interested to find another way than using houdiniEngine, I have tested it and worked really well, unfortunately, some company doesn't want to buy licences. It's kinda frustrating when you want to make instances on Maya based on Houdini Sim. I eventually end up to export geo with Alembic, which is not a good solution... Thanks all for sharing your pipeline / methodology.
  12. Cloth based Paper Confetti Setup

    Sorry to up this post, but @Navneet Arora, I found your scene very interesting but I have some trouble with understanding the pyro part of the dop, is it possible to explain it a bit ? I have seen that it seems to be related to the velocity as you give some disturbance based on the temperature, but when I disable the pyro node, the sim seems to be the same... Another quick question : I have seen that if you un-bypass the drag force, the clothes move a lot faster, but the drag force is meant to drag the sim right ? What am I missing ? Thanks a lot for the example file !
  13. Rope Ends and tiny pieces of thread

    Thank you so much for those .hip files, I was looking for something like this !
  14. Pops following animated mesh

    Thanks Navneet, I will take a look ! Farmfield > For a reason that I ignore, I have not seen your post sooner, thank you so much for the exemple ! Have a great day !
  15. I have the same problem but only with multiple words and only when you use the search bar at the top right. When you do a search the website puts some "+" signs around your words, if you delete them, you will get the correct result. Maybe an admin can have a look in the code to see where the problem come from ? Some screen capture : One word search Multiple word search with the top right bar Suppressing "+" make it work.