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  1. Hi HOUDINI family, I want to use a mesh as a camera, like we can do with lightwave and the advanced camera mesh option. I remember that I saw something on a website like that for houdini 3 years ago, but impossible to found it again. If you have any idea, you're welcome !!! thnx a lot here the documentation of the differents camera in lightwave, it's the advanced camera, and mesh option https://docs.lightwave3d.com/lw2019/getting-started-with-layout/camera/camera-types
  2. I create a cloth simulation with a fine element process, I have different force field, to drive my cloth along a path, it's working correctly. But I want to add noise in my cloth simulation, like if I simulate a wind inside my cloth, but not a directional wind. If anyone can help me Thanks a lot all Sebastien www.vimeo.com/lyyn