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  1. Exclude Direct Lighting from DCM

    Got an answer from a couple other sources. The trick is to not use the extra components, but use the extra image planes section instead.
  2. Hi, We started using deep rendering and noticed nuke scripts literally explodes if we forgot to check "Exclude from DCM" for each extra passes. My problem is, how do we exclude base components from DCM, like Direct Lighting and Indirect Lighting? There is no Exclude from DCM checkbox for those passes. I tried in H14 and H15. Do I need to manually export those passes in the Extra Image Planes section? Thanks Maxime
  3. Rotating Pyro Grid

    Was facing the exact same issue. Your solution works like a charm, even with Pyro Clusters. Thanks a lot jkunz07
  4. smoke trail on path

    Had the same problem. I had to keep the Clamp to maximum size checkbox checked on the Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic DOP node. Yeah, I kno, your post is 2 years old.
  5. Packed edit strange behaviour

    Same Issue Here. Doing exact same setup as Rohan Dalvi in the following tutorial : All packed geometry get the last declared material in the PackedEdit SOP. And the shader doesn't display in viewport. Any idea? Thanks
  6. Hi I have en environnement geometry from Maya with his own material contained in a .ass file. When I import it in Houdini, I can cast a shadow on it without problem (with Force Phantom). But since I don't have a real access to the shader content, is there a way to add a shadow catch AOV of the added Houdini assets without recreating and reassigning an Arnold Material for each .ass geometry where I need the shadow pass? Thanks Maxime
  7. Hi I'm actually trying to export a motion vectors pass with arnold for a pyro simulation baked into a VDB. I understand the concept behind the theory, which consist of getting pyro velocity matrix, camera inverted matrix, and multiplying them, but till now, I can't get to make it work. There's an example involving Mantra who work quite well : http://forums.odforce.net/topic/14831-motion-vector-for-volume/?hl=%2Bvolume+%2Bmotion+%2Bvector+%2Bpass The problem with this example is that the nodes used (GetBlurP) doesn't have their equivalent in the Arnold shader. I'm pretty sure I can do it with user data passed to the shader, but I can't figure it out. Does anyone here have ever achieved this? I would be very happy to hear about. Thanks Maxime
  8. Motion Vectors problem with Arnold

    Hi Michael Yes, the Arnold ROP node in Houdini have an option to turn off Motion Blur, but when I turned it off, motion blur AND motion vectors were turned off. The trick was to set the shutter directly on the Arnold properties on the geometry node. Thanks Maxime
  9. Motion Vectors problem with Arnold

    SOLVED! The Shutter thing explained in the Arnold Motion Vector Node documentation is actually on the Arnold Properties added to the Camera.
  10. Motion Vectors problem with Arnold

    Oh Yeah! I'm new to Arnold. Didn't add the Arnold Properties to my geometry node. Now it seems to work. Added a couple Trail SOP with compute velocity, and now it's fine. But is there a way to compute those motion vectors without blurring the render. Actually, my motion vector pass is an AOV, and as soon as I try to remove the blur from the render, my Motion Vector pass stop working properly. I tried to set the shutter as explained in the Motion Vector documentation : https://support.solidangle.com/display/AFHUG/Motion+Vector But it seems I can't obtain the correct Motion vector pass without blurring the render. Thanks Maxime
  11. Hi I'm trying to render a motion vector pass with Arnold. Everything is fine as long as I try to have a Transformation Blur, but as soon as I try to get some Deformation Blur, no blur is detected. My Arnold Shader Network look like this : Motion Vector ---> OUT_Material Geometry Velocity Blur is activated on my geometry. Specs: CentOS release 6.6 final Houdini Arnold 1.3.0 I tried different ways to deform a torus. xform is working. Moving points with a Point SOP don't. Animating a Mountain SOP works some times. Any idea how to set that? Thanks Maxime