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  1. Sticky Fluid Setup (pressed F1)

    Reason why i used sopsolver or force is when you animate little bit fast stick doesnt work. Ok my animation is 0-1 on 100 frames , just make it 0-4 on 100 frames and see how stick working sorry how its not working lol This way i was looking for a force or field or something else. Houdini collisions or stick things works perfect with slow objects or animations but when you use something fast northing working well lol
  2. Sticky Fluid Setup (pressed F1)

    Hi everybody , i was trying to work on rnd but stucked on one point. I am trying to create a fluid that sitcks on the surface but i couldnt manage my force i think. I have used sopsolver in dop and created my force there but when i use it my emition doesnt stop which is doesnt work with me lol Anybody has a setup like that or experince? thanx guys sticky_fluid_setup_001.hip
  3. How to Copy Multiple OBJ to ID

    I havent try something like that but group of collision should work in normal way also. I mean when you make few collision object as a static or animated object, that works in normal time. But if you wannt to add multiple objects (each one different) to multiple points or surface, that might work
  4. How to Copy Multiple OBJ to ID

    OK i have found a solution for this.... First i converted each polygon to point with wrangle. int pt = addpoint(0,@P); vector nml = primuv(0, "N", @primnum, {.5,.5,0}); setpointattrib(0, "N", pt, nml); removeprim(0, @primnum, 1); this adding point to each polygon's center... after that, - I cached animation , animation_$F.obj -Time blend sop -time shift sop , stamp("../copy1","stamp_time",0) -copy sop , time_stamp value= $PT It worked for me. If anybody need the file i can share.
  5. How to Copy Multiple OBJ to ID

    Hello everybody, hope yawl goo.... I have a case and couldnt find a way (yet) So, i have frame based obj file 200 frames and on the other side has a domino sim. I wanna copy each obj to each id of domino... Basicly i wanna copy my animated object file to each domino and stict there without animation. for example frame 1 animation will stay on first domino, frame 2 animation will be stay on second domino. Does anybody have an idea about that? Thanx for help.
  6. RBD Packed Active Data for Pop

    Here is the fixed file if anybody wants to check rbd_point_sim_001.hip
  7. RBD Packed Active Data for Pop

    Thanx man , i did little changes and worked well!
  8. RBD Packed Active Data for Pop

    Hello everybody , hope yawl doing well..... I have a question for you guys. So, I have a rigid body sim with animated active data but when i use it with multi solver, i think my data doesnt work. There is my hip file on the attachment , if anybody can help thanx alot! It works with rigidbody solver but when i connect popsolver to my multisolver that active data doesnt work. I think pop doenst have active data or something like that but must be a way to connect them together lol rbd_point_sim_001.hip
  9. Giving a shape to pyro

    Hello all, Does anybody has an experience with giving a random shape to pyro? For example i wanna do a fire on crown shape but it will just stay on that shape. Normally i am giving a crown shape fire but after few second shape is getting out of the shape and becoming regular fire lol shape is disappear and big fire is coming.... I have tried to make a volume with crown shape missing inside and used for field but didnt work it out well. So , if anybody has an experience about that , i would love to see the file and learn. Thanx
  10. FEM Wrinkle

    I have solved my problem and sharing the hip file so maybe that can help to someone also. I have faked animation with vop , convert character to vdb density and controled it for displacement to the pillow. After displacement the mesh i simulated it to fem as hybrid object and thats it. That became easy and fast for my scene. FEM_Wrinkle.hip
  11. FEM Wrinkle

    well that helped me actually... thanx for sharing
  12. FEM Wrinkle

    Yeah man i know this example thank you... I think i should make that with FEM... For one shot my character getting up from the couch and i need a wrinkle for sofa and the pillow also this way wanted to make it with fem or granul
  13. FEM Wrinkle

    Hello ladies / sir , well i was working on a project and needed a wrinkle something like close to picture that i uploaded... Actually i have tried to get it with cloth , then granular solid so they were cool actually but still result is not satisfied me. So i heard that fem is making good work for this but i couldnt make it ithink... Ok , i made a sim with solid object and then made another sim with hybrid object to get a wrinkle but i think i did something wrong lol So, anyway.... Is there anybody has an idea or experience with wrinkle with FEM? or another method? Thanx
  14. Change color in VOPS

    I think you are trying harder way... create a attribvop and just put a color ramp node feed it with color and output it to color again. Now you can change the color out of the vop
  15. Hello everybody , is anybody have an idea about rendering hair with Redshift? Ok... fixed