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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Mantra GPU rendering is the only feature I wish.
  2. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    I need to dive a bit more into Houdini in order to understand what I can replace with eixsting tools and what I can not, only then I can put together an RFE.
  3. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    Awesome, thank you Alex ! One thing I noticed though is that the attached materials don't show correctly in the viewport. They render fine though. Is this related to the Mac version or is it the same on windows too ? @Werner : I have simply extracted the files into my houdini user folder. You'll notice the icons folder in there as well.
  4. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Is it possible in Houdini to see the cooked/evaluated state of the scene hierarchy at any given node like in Katana ? This ability is pretty powerful when lighting shots or sequences.
  5. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    Hi Alex, this looks amazing. Are you able to compile a MacOSX version too please ?
  6. Visual Effects Salaries vs Education Cost?

    Hi Atom, Being in the industry for the past 20+ years I can say that those figures are accurate. And I would definitely NOT pay that much tuition, it's not worth it. The only down side of learning alone is that your inner voice will always tell you that this is hard, just don't listen to it and keep on working, you'll get there
  7. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    It would be great to have some aspects of Katana in Houdini. Like for examples takes could be node based so we could move them between hip files.
  8. Homebrew Python problem on Mac OSX

    Thank you for your quick response. But when you do that, how do you use your homebrew python versions and modules, do they not cause any problems ?
  9. Instead of using Mac OSX's default python I have installed Homebrew and installed python within it. This allows me to isolate different python installations and add/remove modules easily without messing around with the system's python. However, Houdini doesn't like this and it won't launch when Python version 2.7.11 is installed using homebrew. I have tried to export system python path inside Houdini shell so that it is pointed to the system's default python however it still tries to access the homebrew python location and fails to launch Houdini. Does anyone know how to set Houdini's python environment variable correctly so that It searches for the system's default python instead of my custom installation location ? Thanks in advance
  10. Try increasing your min ray samples.
  11. Houdini -> V-Ray

    I didn't know we could do that. Thank you very much for the info. And how do the host machines listen to the incoming requests ? Do they have a background process running all times ?
  12. Houdini -> V-Ray

    I used vray in film production and it is a pretty solid engine with several options for different scenarios. But the thing that I love most about vray is its distributed rendering option which lets you distribute the buckets of your single frame over the network to other computers and it works extremely well. This way I can look-dev / test render even faster than a quad GPU setup using just CPU's. I wish we had the same functionality in Mantra too.
  13. GPU and Mantra?

    If we had mantragpu and if it had the functionality of Redshift it would be more than enough for a massive number of users. And I think it would bring many more users to the camp.
  14. The best combo for Houdini

    I would say Blender and Zbrush besides Houdini.
  15. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    This was hilarious