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  1. I want to use a emitter in a cup, when the emitter emit flip particles,I think the particles will be full of the cup, but it's not. The particles can only reach the height of the emitter. when I move the emitter out the cup, the particles can be full of the cup ,why?
  2. How to do spiral curve base a tree branch

    Thanks a lot! can you share the hip for me? I try do it,but fail.
  3. How to do spiral curve base a tree branch which is from speedtree? like the picture? Thanks!
  4. How to do spiral curve base a tree branch like the picture? Thanks!
  5. Cut geometry in dop sopSlover not work

    Hi! I want to create a cut systerm in houdini. In Dop sopSlover, I used the boolean cut the sphere. when it solvers,the sphere has been cutted,but the sphere dynamic is not true. I have tested a long time,but not work. I need to help, thanks. cut_test.hip
  6. For example,I want to use the scatter node to plant some trees on the grid,but the grid with the displacement shader。 when render ,the trees are inside the displace grid. How could I do?
  7. It appears square specular when render the large ocean . why?
  8. why render the particles is not alpha when used the glow shader if enable the emission? How will I to do? Please
  9. I think you are right because the uvs are overlapping。I will try to do tomorrow and thanks for your reply.
  10. When bake texture in houdini,it products some noise。I wanna to know the possible reasons。
  11. How to convert a displacement to polygons ? I use the dispalcement texture to render the model, but I wanted to get the displacement polygon. how?
  12. glass render

    The result I used the caustic light to render the glass.
  13. glass render

    here the scene file. thank you ! glass_mat.rar
  14. glass render

    There is some black under the glass when I used the envlight to render。I think it is shadow of the envlight,but why? It is all right in maya when I used other renderers for example vray。 what can I do ?