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  1. I'm not sure of the best way to approach this but I bet you could try this: Create a boundary by extruding geometry. Turn that into an Obstacle using the shelf tools. Make sure the normals face the right direction so the box doesn't cause glitches with the characters inside of it. Maybe give that a try?
  2. Funny story folks. I actually just figured it out within 15 minutes of posting this. Here is the solution: COLLISION_GEO_01 || COLLISION_GEO_02 || COLLISION_GEO_03 || COLLISION_GEO_04 One trigger and one transition. Use double pipes "||" to separate the RBD objects. Apparently the || expression meaning OR works in the triggers. Hope this helps others in the future! Best regards, Sam Welker
  3. Hey all! Quick question for everybody. I have not been able to set mulptile RBD objects as triggers for a crowd simulation for some reason. I can't share the scene file but can create another one to exemplify my dilemma if that would help. I have setup a crowd simulation with 4 triggers for 4 separate RBD objects. This is in Houdini 15.0 which is necessary for the Houdini Engine integration with Cinema 4D. The problem is that the 4 RBD objects simulate but only the last linked RBD object (number 4) affects the clones. I suppose it's overwriting the other RBD triggers? Could anybody give me a tip on how to rig this differently so it recognizes all 4 RBD objects in the Ragdoll simulation. Best regards, Sam Welker