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  1. Ryzen 7

    im talking about this with two guys right now. And it all depends on devs actually. Because U cant do a test without comparison. I will push chaosgroup to join the test for sure, because we have some really good contact with them. Im not so sure about sitni sati (fumefx), they are always so late about any emails. And ofcourse AD with maya would have to join with bifrost.
  2. Ryzen 7

    Has any1 asked for ryzen stress tests so far? has there been any news how its doing with H? because if not there are actually so many ppl that can do that and Im writing a massage to one of them Just enlight me pls
  3. prt exporter to 3ds max

    Thank you. Indeed its working and passing all channels like it should. Thats owesome!
  4. Hi, So I found this https://github.com/FictionIO/PRTRop Is that working for .prt for Krakatoa? I know its a weird question. I should try that myself. However Im so busy that I dont have time to even try. Thats why I ask. I dont know if its worth spending time to get it to work. Its kind of old stuff (H12) Or maybe you know any working 'tool' to export to .prt and read it in Krakatoa prt Loader?
  5. vex funtion: XYZ dimentions of a sop

    Ok that makes sense, thx
  6. Hi, I guess this is easy question. I ahve a Bound sop and I want to get its xyz dimentions. What is a vex function for getting sop dimentions? I've been trying to look into help but Im not getting lucky.
  7. Caching Substeps

    Hm... I cant get it to work your way. Especially that $N does not work well with strings. Eg "../$OS/$OS.$N.bgeo" evaluates to "../Cache/Cache..bgeo". So a single frame is beeing overwritten But that really suchs you cannnot load on substeps. Thats just silly that you have the option to save with substeps, but you cannot load it? EDIT. Ok got it. So I just use "../$OS/$N.bgeo" on rop output. And indeed when I change the increment to sth different than 10 is overwrites just single frame. But workes with 10. Weird workoround but looks like it does its job
  8. Caching Substeps

    Or maybe its not the caching issue? Maybe the read only loads on full frames? But File node does not have any settings for substeps....
  9. Caching Substeps

    With sop output driver (increment = 1/substeps) I get the same, stepping animation. $N cache a single frame
  10. Hi, So Im having problems caching substeps of my animation. I have substeps on File Cache node set to 16, and the path is "$HIP/../cache/$OS/$OS.$F4.bgeo". Maybe the $F4 is the issue? Maybe I should change this to be able to save not only the frames but the substeps as well?
  11. Ah yes! You are right!
  12. No, changing to ortographic view does not help. Because once perspective is 'bugged' the orto is as well.
  13. Hi, Sometimes my perspective view goes haywire. Usually when switiching from camera to perspecitve. Usually in this case I just reopen file and its ok. But maybe there is a way to reset perspective without relaunching H?
  14. fluidsource; sourcing for FLIP

    Ok my bad. After changing the initializing from default Source Smoke to Source FLIP i forgot to check on the 'Create Particles' on Particles tab
  15. fluidsource; sourcing for FLIP

    Hi, So I want to use fluidsource as a source for my fluid because of the noise and velocity it creates. But I have an issue with velocity. As long I dont use velocity everything is ok. But once I add velocity in fluidsource node everything goes weird. Eg. - when I add a simple vector [0,0,1] it stops sourcing at all, there are no points created - when I add noise for the velocity, points are created on the vel noise as well. And even though I have enabled 'Initialize velocity' on the flipfluidobject there is no velocity added to the simulation