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  1. Vellum Super Rigid Constraints

    More constraint iterations can help make vellum more solid. Here is Noobini's hanky pearls with 600 iterations on the vellum solver.
  2. OBJ sequence yes, Alembic no.
  3. Updating RBD constraints from deforming geometry

    I thought I would try that out on the idle animation for the biped character. For some reason some of the markers lose their tracking ability? ap_constrain_to_animated_anchors_matts_soft_rotation.hipnc
  4. change a value from a remote node by python

    You might want to look into wedging. It looks like you are trying to recreate that.
  5. Check out this post on the subject of wrapping. It is pre-vellum but it may give you a hint on how to procede. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/49610/
  6. Deforming object iteraction with FLIP

    The velocity scale slider should work. Are you sure your collision object is valid?
  7. H17 Controlled pyro emission from instance points

    You should be able to construct f@fuel using a wrangle before sourcing. Specify your point number and a frame range. ap_pyroCluster_controlled.hiplc
  8. Crowd MoCap Females

    Render people has a couple of free females. https://renderpeople.com/free-3d-people/ You could design females using Manuel Bastioni, that Blender plugin can read in BVH files and apply motions to the character you design. You can export them as FBX and bring them in as Agents.
  9. particles will not displayed

    Try moving the Display flag to the actual popnet itself. You still have it on the OUT.
  10. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    It looks like more Constraint Iterations helps a lot to remove the floppy effect, here I have raised it from 100 to 300. I also added in a Struts constraint and turned the Stiffness up from 100 to 1,000. The green spheres are produces by the visualizer in the post process node. I lowered the Thickness on the initial vellumcloth1 node while keeping an eye on the size of the green spheres. Make sure the green spheres don't overlap each other.
  11. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    Thanks for the tip ParticleSkull, here is a basic setup working using those two attributes you mentioned above. // Setup attributes based upon color paint value. i@stopped = 0; i@gluetoanimation = 0; if (@Cd.r==0) { i@stopped = 1; i@gluetoanimation = 1; } I am wondering if some kind of strut constraint might help the trunk keep it's volume better?
  12. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    Is there a way to turn part of a deforming character into vellum? For this elephant I would like different springy styles for the ears and trunk.
  13. You can use a backtick of $OS to achieve that. string group_name = "`$OS`"; setpointgroup(0,group_name,@ptnum,1,"set");
  14. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    Try dialing back your over clocking rates. Signal 11 is about a 50% chance it's a hardware problem.