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  1. Does anyone know how to install fonts on Ubuntu 18.04? I used the standard right-click Open With Fonts, and the INSTALL button. After a reboot, Gimp can see my new font, but Houdini can't?
  2. Timeline markers?

    Yes, if you only put a single set of keyframes on the NULL. When you select the NULL, keyframes from other objects are no longer displayed in the timeline, but the NULL keyframes will be displayed instead. You can use CTRL-RIGHT/LEFT arrow to jump to them. It does introduce the selection dance to your workflow, but is an existing way to emulate that feature. I personally don't miss timeline markers at all.
  3. Timeline markers?

    You can always key frame a null, those values will show up in the time line. You can think of those as markers. Select the null and use the jump to next keyframe button.
  4. That is a fun one to play around with.
  5. viscosity problem

    Try setting Particle Motion/ Reseeding/ Surface Oversampling = 36.
  6. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    I guess basic velocity damping, in a GeometryWrangle can stop the expansion process, but it produces a strange dissolve effect, as an artifact. I couldn't seem to get the GasDamp node to have any effect.
  7. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    Thanks for the file. Do you have any Solver configuration tips, that will limit expansion? It seems to expand forever...
  8. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Have you added any density to your empty volume? Volumes also don't show up, if you are in wireframe mode.
  9. You can also try using a pointreplicate, around your original large chunk points. When many points are around a single area, the fracture will surround them with smaller pieces. Another way is to leverage the debris, system, which releases particles around the seams of the larger chunks. You can copy smaller random rocks shapes to those generated points.
  10. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    Thanks for the additional information. I can see the exterior band voxel bounding box change, when alter the value. I never really played around with that. Getting closer, though.
  11. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    That is a nice example file. Do you have any tips on keeping some of the fluid "stuck" to the collision object. I would like the strawberry to be coated in chocolate, even after it spins around and throws some of the fluid off to the sides. I tried increasing Surface Tension and Viscosity, but the fluid still won't stick? Are exterior bands the same as narrow bands? I'm not really sure where that setting is located? I noticed the solver is unlocked in your example. Did you make changes to the solver itself?
  12. Uhg, that is the problem with redshift. There is always another override you have to do. I mean why do we need a special override for "UserData" when we are already extracting the attribute, automatically?
  13. I would agree that is a 100% Redshift bug. You might want to report it. The only other thing to try, is to override both materials on the tree. I don't know what the trunk material name is, so I can't test that theory. It might be that on a multiple material object, if you override one, you have to override them all. Try dropping down a material in /shop that matches the name of the trunk.
  14. power of gas repeat solver

    This original H12.5 technique, using the gasrepeatsolver, no longer seems to work. I have changed the file using the newer method, described in Andrew's H15 video on the topic. ap_gas_repeat_explosion_retime_collision_102519.hiplc
  15. Ring pyro burst

    It's hard to say, without seeing the hip file. Are you deriving velocity from normals? Some times, the last point on a path can go astray. That last point of the circle, may have a normal pointing in the wrong direction, thus causing the velocity to head off in the stray direction..? If you are using a Gas Curve Force, once it reaches the end of the path, it continues in the last known direction.