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  1. trying a subway tunnel

    You could make a standard skinned tube and then use the technique at this thread to stretch a copy of each of your panel sections across the primitives of the tube.
  2. You can set the Operation of the divergence field to Subtract and the smoke will move away from the divergence field, instead of being drawn in. Upres on right. Animating the scale of the volume might not be the best approach. All that does is increase or decrease the value in the area of the divergence field. To expang and area, you might try want to animate the scale of the divergence field shape at the SOP level and leave the DOP scale set to a constant. That way, when you expand the size from zero and up, the field size area of effect will grow, not the strength. ap_UPRES_smoke_divergence_040220.hiplc
  3. A lot of that look is determined by collision objects. Add a ground plane and make your velocity point down. You can check out my fuel based rocket launch thread here.
  4. Sure, here you go. ap_test_smoke_divergence_040220.hiplc
  5. Hmm... That's Od. (rewind to clear old cache..?) Here is negative divergence using your scene. I made the attraction point, bigger and visualized it.
  6. I think divergence needs to be negative. Try changing your keyframe value from 20 to -20.
  7. Keyframing with Python seems buggy?

    It does look like you have some coding errors. Here is my fixup: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # Add code to modify contents of geo. # Use drop down menu to select examples. # KEYFRAME 1 # set variables time1 = node.parm("time").eval() #node.evalAtTime("time") # get data of the font node keyframed_font_Node = hou.node('../font3') keyframed_font_textParm = keyframed_font_Node.parm('text') keyframed_font_textParm.deleteAllKeyframes() # create keyframe skeyframe = hou.StringKeyframe() skeyframe.setTime(time1) skeyframe.setExpression("\"Hi, it's %s now\"" % time1 , hou.exprLanguage.Python) # set keyframe keyframed_font_textParm.setKeyframe(skeyframe) # KEYFRAME 2 # set variables time2 = node.parm("time2").eval() #node.evalAtTime("time2") # create keyframe skeyframe = hou.StringKeyframe() skeyframe.setTime(time2) skeyframe.setExpression("\"Bye\"", hou.exprLanguage.Python) # set keyframe keyframed_font_textParm.setKeyframe(skeyframe)
  8. Yeah, Houdini on low end macs doesn't work. Buy another computer. Did you notice in your report that they system can not detect any vRAM.( Unknown VRAM )
  9. Use the fit function like this... This will give you a random switch between 0-3. Notice the -1 count on the maximum number. Set the maximum fit number to the number of inputs. fit01(rand($F),0,4)
  10. Flip Source From Points

    @Brickhouz: Did you check out the expert tips Noobini posted? It looks like Kevin Pinga suggests connecting a PopSource node directly to the sourcing input of the flip solver.
  11. Corrupted Hip File :'(

    Open up a new session of Houdini 18. In the lower right hand corner change the drop down from AutoUpdate to Manual. Open up your file, rewind and save. It worked for me, but I don't have all those meshes that you reference. My guess would be you are exceeding your physical memory with those subdivides. Try to disable them.
  12. Pyro colour swirl mix

    Create a sphere and click on the Colored smoke shelft tool. Review the Operations for the sourcing of the various fields. Your sourcing operations don't match. Try Pull on vel and Blend on Cd.
  13. Here are my settings for Renderman 23.0. It assumes a default install on a Windows system. HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/18.0.287;@/python2.7libs;&" HOUDINI_DEFAULT_RIB_RENDERER=prman23.0 RMANTREE="C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-23.0" RFHTREE="C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManForHoudini-23.0" RMAN_PROCEDURALPATH=$RFHTREE\18.0\openvdb;& HOUDINI_PATH=$RFHTREE\18.0;$HOUDINI_PATH;& PATH=$PATH;$RMANTREE\bin;& I also have the RMANTREE system environment variable set to. C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-23.0\
  14. Volume toon shader

    It looks like the Toon Color Shader no longer functions in Houdini 18. I get an Incomplete Asset Definition.
  15. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    Here is a slight addition. A downward smoke simulation to emulate ground dust kick up. ap_helicopter_dust_test_10.hipnc