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  1. Report it as a bug. Did you install the Python 3 version of Houdini? You may want to uncheck that option on the SideFX download page, and pull down the non-python 3 version to see if that's the problem.
  2. dealing with open geometry

    Try polyfill with a fill mode of Single Polygon. Also, I've use polyextrude to add thickness to walls of open game meshes. Extrude inward, not outward to preserve shape.
  3. Loop Simulation and Niagara (ue4) export

    Try exporting at 30fps. I think someone on an Unreal forum told me that Niagara is hard coded to that.
  4. Maybe try turning on the Alfred Style Progress. I think that may kick out a frame by frame log to the console. Not sure how to intercept the console on-the-fly, however... -> Try placing python code inside the Pre-Render or Post-Render script field of the filecache or ROP. You could access the hou.playbar to grab the current frame. Remember to switch the field type from hScript to Python. What if you updated your farm to use a tops based solution? Set the filecache to a Save Current Frame, then loop over the frame range in tops setting a new frame based geometry filename every iteration? This could allow you to drop in a pythonscript node that can run some code every frame.
  5. Here is a basic setup to carve organic style tubes/hallways through a shape/mesh. ap_organic_tube_hallways_through_shape_091520.hiplc
  6. Tree Sim Deform

    Ok, here is an attempt at tomogachy's suggestion. Sweep before the DOPNet, then point deform after. The scale along length doesn't really work right, because it needs to know the pscale of the point where the connection occurs, then use that value as the start of the taper. Also, some points just don't mesh well and seem stuck to neighbors? ap_tree_sweep.hiplc
  7. Pop Network

    Often caused by fast moving particles. Try increasing the substeps on the popsolver.
  8. Tree Sim Deform

    I tried adding leaves, but the branch connectors dance around. I'm not sure if this set up will work with more branches. When I enabled the secondary branches, the bonecapturebiharmonic goes off into la-la land. You may want to come up with some overall mass concept for the tree and divide the branches into various weights. With more secondary branches, they weigh down the parent branch quickly. ap_tree_deform(1).hiplc
  9. Tree Sim Deform

    Play with the Capture settings on the pointdeform. Try a radius of 1.0.
  10. Newbie display question

    Post the hardware you are using and consult the SideFX minimum requirements page.
  11. Mantra rendering warning

    If it's in a VOP, you can right-click and view as code. Maybe the vop generation is redefining a variable when it doesn't have to. I think you can ignore warnings if the vop is functioning correctly.
  12. VEX volume wrangle

    Try @P.x, @P.y and @P.z, The case is important.
  13. Isn't that just a pre-multiply problem with your texture's alpha? Look for a checkbox on the texture sampler.
  14. animate scattering

    Here's another version where the scatter changes its seed per frame. Add a popnet to sample from that changing source. The popnet will add, age, and remove points. Base the pscale on the age and you can fade them in and out over particle life. ap_head_bubbles_odforum.hipnc
  15. animate scattering

    This version references a CHOP wave in sample/hold mode. The scatter fetches this chopnet value for the seed. Here's a quick attempt at synchronizing the scatter change with the color fade. A lag channel is added to the CHOP network to generate a source supplied to the color node. You can adjust the period of the wave1 node to change the speed for both outputs. Use the phase to align the red waveform with the purple. ap_head_bubbles_odforum.hipnc