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  1. Open CL

    How do I get my text that big?
  2. House fire sourcing Pyro

    This thread is a couple of years old, but you could check it out.
  3. Fuel Based Rocket Launch

    You'd think so, but in my experience, it does not all work by default. I wonder why they created the node (gasenforceboundary)...? Open CL is memory bound and can fail in high memory usage scenarios. (Depends upon your hardware)
  4. Random Sequence jpg to each grid

    Before you store them on as the attribute, you might want to use one of the various .eval() methods to resolve the path, instead of using the .unexpandedString(). Check out the Value section. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Parm.html
  5. Merging BVH files manually

    What I have done, in the past, is to not bother with editing BVH, at all. Just blendShape the resulting two rigs. The length of frames that the blend takes, can smooth the jumping. If you blend, when the two BVH states are in a similar pose (use timeOffset node to match the incoming second BVH pose to the outgoing first BVH), the result can be nearly seamless. Do you know about BVH Hacker?
  6. I put together a fuel based version of the basic density based starter rocket launch scene. This scene includes a couple of additions, that I have seen posted, here on OdForum, including Fencer's smoke drag, based upon distance from origin, and hand drawn velocity curves to encourage the smoke to travel along the curve shape. The support nodes for the hand drawn velocity are shaded purple, in the DOP network. Play around with the fit values on the gas wrangle to alter damping. Increase popnet particle count to send more fuel into the system. Increase popnet life to make fuel linger, longer. ap_rocket_lift_off_fuel_based_090919.hiplc
  7. I made an attempt at modernizing the FOREACH loops in that scene. You can check out the revised file, here:
  8. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Here is the basic "fake" stamp that evolved after CopyToPoints nodes was released. If you run it, inside a FOREACH loop, you can reliably fetch attributes from point #0. This image shows the standard point instancing technique, which is faster than the CopyToPoints, fake stamp. The main reason you might still want to use CopyToPoints, is if you are generating geometry that you need to export. ap_fake_stamp_090619.hiplc
  9. What I have done before is to pre-generate the start and end frame, then only generate a valid s@instancefile, when I am within that frame range. Use a null based geo file to reference in all other cases. if((@Frame>@start) && (@Frame<@end)){ int current_frame = @Frame-@start; s@instancefile = sprintf("myfile_%02d.rs",current_frame); } else { s@instancefile = "my_blank.rs"; }
  10. Issue performing if statement on an array

    I have found that the exact comparison between two float values in Houdini can sometimes fail. Try revising your detection IF statement to be more of a threshold, or close to the mark type of detection. float threshold = 0.04; //ch("threshold") or add slider. if(abs(APC-@Cd.x) > threshold ) { //Different. } else { // Close enough. }
  11. Issue performing if statement on an array

    I wonder if VEX is failing on the setpointgroup, because you have two different styles of quotes? Try double quoting set.
  12. Redshift issue with pyrofx

    You have to leave black on the left side of the ramp.
  13. importing Cops images

    There are some COP width/height limits when using Apprentice. Try using a test image that fits within the 1920x1080 specs for Apprentice.
  14. growing line effects

    One technique for making a line out of a particle is to use the Add node to construct a line, based upon the @id of the particle. All trails inherit this @id, so you can build a line by conecting all points that have the same @id. ap_brain_wire_glow.hiplc
  15. Flip Fluids deforming collision objects

    Here is the i@stopped attribute included inside the if statement. I dropped the viscosity threshold, quite a bit, so the fluid would come to a stop quicker. if (@viscosity>3600){ @viscosity = 3600; @v = set(0,0,0); i@stopped = 1; } ap_SimCon1.hiplc