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  1. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    I agree, I don't like the terms of service or paying for it. There are the open source versions you can run locally which have a different look, because they are trained on a different image set. I think there is no doubt, that this is the future of concept art. Another job replaced by the machine. "a wizard casts a magic spell in a serene slight fog, brighten shadow"
  2. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Thanks for the setup. That's a fun one to play with. I've added a collision object and tested animating the stencil shape. ap_pyro_region_force.hiplc
  3. Which parameter and in what context?
  4. Add texture to light...

    I don't think UVs have anything to do with it. Try changing the size of the area light. That changes the projection size of the texture rendered by Karma.
  5. I don't think there is a single file format that Houdini can import which auto assigns the materials. Your stuck, buck-up and start making the manual assignments, or better yet, write a script to do it. After all, what material would you expect the OBJ to have? Would it be a Mantra material, a Karma material, a Redshift material, an Octane material, a 3Delight material, a Renderman material, etc... Just an FYI, for me, a manual assignment of one hundred of anything is not considered out of the question. When I'm faced with several hundred or thousands of manual steps, that's when I consider script automation.
  6. transfer Cd with CopyToPoints

    @cupofteaIn my setup I don't have pack and instance active, that's why the colors flow through.
  7. transfer Cd with CopyToPoints

    When you pack the Cd attribute (or any attribute) into a point, the viewport can no longer access that attribute. It appears as missing to the system. Try turning off Pack and Instance your current setup may work. It's like not being able to see a thumbnail of an image inside a ZIP file. All you see is the ZIP.
  8. Instead of double-click, drag the HIP file onto the existing open Houdini.
  9. transfer Cd with CopyToPoints

    Because you have assigned Cd to primitives, not points. There are no primitives in the sphere primitive, only the central point which derives the surface from a spherical calculation. Try assigning Cd to points, and it works.
  10. Tutorial HIP Library

    I went through my first Houdini 19.5 tutorial. This is a setup for pyro instancing. It uses the new pyrosourcepak node in 19.5. The scene is setup to render on the GPU using the XPU pyro preview node. ap_H19_5_pyro_instancing_tut.hiplc
  11. opengl ROP Fetch error (Linux)

    Have you tried rendering a single frame manually using the OpenGL ROP? Does that work?
  12. There is an example file here: The particles erode and collide until they carve a hole.
  13. Tutorial HIP Library

    I worked my way through moving and aligning an object along a path tutorial. ap_orient_object_along_path_071722.hiplc
  14. Unable to animate particles

    Yeah, you have to zero out the transform at the /obj level to align the smoke with the particles.
  15. Simple modeling and order of nodes

    Your network screen shot is fairly unreadable. You should apply the UVs before you distort the grid. Of course the mapping-type matters. Orthographic works fine for the grid. Examine the nodes, UV Quick shade is correct, and Labs is not. That is to say, Labs' default for tiling is 10x normal. This might be useful for game engines and thus was adopted as the default for that tool.