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  1. Tutorial HIP Library

    Custom VEX based carve with randomization as described by the UPP advertising team at the FMX 2022 Hive. https://www.sidefx.com/houdini-hive/fmx-2022/#virtual ap_upp_fmx_2022_hive_custom_carve_052122.hiplc
  2. Tutorial HIP Library

    Here is a texture projection onto RBD boxes. I've updated it to render with Karma. Kind of a Benjamin Button intro effect. ap_mp_kr_project_texture_on_RBD_simulation_052122.hiplc
  3. Tutorial HIP Library

    And yet another Mikael Pettersen setup demonstrating guided RBD fracture simulations. In the original tutorial, Voronoi fracture was used, in this one I added rbdmaterialfracture with chipping. You can switch between the two techniques. ap_mp_zombie_crumble_guided_RBD_collapse_052122.hiplc
  4. Tutorial HIP Library

    Another Mikael Pettersen setup that demonstrates how to project your packed RBD sim onto an alternate ground plane (with the same point count) without having to resimulate. ap_mp_fix_bad_rbd_collision_surface_052022.hiplc
  5. Tutorial HIP Library

    I worked through a tutorial where Mikael Pettersen demonstrates the emission of vellum sticky balls. ap_mp_emit_vellum_sticky_balls_052022.hiplc
  6. Maybe check out the volumefeather node..?
  7. And from there you could path deform the flat resulting paint stroke along a helix path.
  8. I have a video editor friend who travels with his mac pro. He uses a soft case and the airline treats it as luggage. I think I'd leave all the parts in place and buy whatever insurance the flight might offer.
  9. I don't think you want to merge them like that, you'll duplicate your geometry. You only need one material node. Click the + button to add new material slots and use the group field to isolate them.
  10. Point Cd attribute in MaterialX

    Karma is a USD implementation, so standard Houdini attribute names don't work. Lookup the USD equivalents Cd=displayColor, Alpha=opacity. You can look up the USD equivalents here: https://graphics.pixar.com/usd/release/spec_usdpreviewsurface.html#core-nodes
  11. You can copy any geometry to the resulting points. Here's the pighead making up the crown spash.
  12. Rocket exhaust - Particle based pyro simulation

    Try adding some velocity blur on the rasterizeattributes node.
  13. pyro disturbance radius way too big

    I see a few things wrong, or I wouldn't setup my sim that way. Don't link your div size to the rasterize node. Use the div size of the Pryo Object to drive the particle separation of the pyro source. The rasterize node derives its voxel size from pyro source. Don't animate the cutoff on the disturbance, instead animate the Disturbance scale up and down. Turn off all shape tools except Disturbance until you dial in your look, then toggle that one off and take the same approach with turbulence and confinement. Dial them in one at a time. This helps isolate what controls contribute to the final look.
  14. Try using the polyexpand2d node before the polyextrude. ap_Test_J.hipnc
  15. Billowy ceiling fire

    You might want to play with the bonfire Simple Effects shelf tool. Set the cooling rate of the temperature to 1.0 and you get nice rolling cloud shapes. Swap the circle for your ceiling square to define the area. After that, set the wind to point down and make the buoyancy a little stronger than the wind. If you animate the noise of the temperature, it moves along the length of the box. If you render it upside down, it might just work as a ceiling element..? ap_rolling_floor_ceiling_fire.hiplc