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  1. Hi All, I wanted to update my profile signature but I just can't seem to find it under my account settings. Is this feature still available on the website? If so what menu is under? Thanks
  2. Carve Contour Lines In Car Body

    Nice setup Konstatin, I have taken the result from your file and symmetrically re-fractured it, adding displacement to the newly fractured pieces. Here is it with another scatter seed and a different UV projection type.
  3. Better GPU for work

    It's nice to stick with nVidia in case you decide to jump into GPU rendering.
  4. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Nice work, does this make use of the new H17 retime node?
  5. Better GPU for work

    Just do your homework and google it. 1080 vs 1080ti. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1080-Ti-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1080/3918vs3603 You get 26% more computing power for 28% more cost.
  6. Learning redshift

    Many of the gotchas, I experienced when I first started using Redshift have been ironed out with the continued development of the plug-in. Mainly an object that does not have the ObjParms applied to it can cause some problems. If they are not present, attributes will not be automatically forwarded to the material section. This can happen if you open old files and try to adapt them to Redshift. However, newly created objects do have ObjParms added by default, so just double check that if things seem like they are not working correctly. Another gotcha that I still run into is not experiencing glow from material emission on surrounding objects. This is because GI is turned off by default. You need to turn on one of the methods (typically Brute Force) to get some kind of emission bounce. But this is often the case with other render systems as well. Balancing density and temperature values in the volume shader can take some time too. I have adopted the workflow where I don't push density at all in the guides, and this helps get a better 1:1 match from viewport to render. Push your density values at the attribute or scale level, instead of guides. There is the 16 bounce limit on reflections as well. If you need more than that, you have to leverage the sprite cutout node instead of just relying on the standard material. Meshlights don't inherit v@Cd from points so you have to bake maps for multi-colored meshlights, but single colored meshlights work fine.
  7. It would be nice if these toggles were available under MPlay preferences. I can't tell you how many times I have flipbooked something which generates a completely valid cache only to have the cache disappear when I close MPlay to reset my view. The clearing of the cache might be related to jumping back to frame #1.
  8. Pyro clustering problems

    The problem I see with your setup is that your cluster areas are changing size. The approach that worked for me, in pre H17 was to create a line out of the points in motion. Then use that line to create cluster segments. Then generate points along the line as single frame bursts to activate the cluster when the fuel enters the boundary region. Here is an old H16.5 setup that show particles leveraging clusters. Maybe this setup can help you fine tune yours? ap_particle_cluster_020719.hiplc
  9. Curve parallel offset

    Check out the node PolyExpand2D, it might help in certain situations.
  10. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    It look nice, good job!
  11. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    I wish SideFX would not change the work flow so I have to learn everything I already know all over again.
  12. Save as text

    You mean the scene? Check out .asCode(). http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Node.html
  13. I don't think you can create a final merged mesh via instancing. With instancing, all that exists is points. Just use the standard CopyToPoints and wait for it to generate the large poly count of meshes. Then use a FileCache to write it out as a single .bgeo.sc. I did a video tut on leveraging instancing with Redshift's .rs file format, including how to get the copies to show up in the viewport. There have been some updates to the process, but the basic workflow is still valid.
  14. Sure, drop down an instance node then transfer what is inside the FOREST node into the instance1 node and choose Full Point Instancing. Remember to add ObjParms under the Redshift shelf to your nodes. ap_RS_forest_001.hiplc
  15. cloud with interaction

    You're right, collision is not the only way to go. You could take a look at this creating custom velocities video on SideFX and generate a field based upon the object movement. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/custom-velocity-in-houdini-17/
  16. Try holding down the SHIFT key while tumbling the viewport, that should increase the precision and slow down the viewport movement. Select a point in the viewport, press the Z-KEY. The next time you tumble the viewport, it will be centered around that point.
  17. Magnetic iron filings

    eetu did some exploration on that topic. https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/magnetic-field-lines/
  18. Houdini engine smoke

    It is easier to work with your circle at 0,0,0. You can move those transforms to the end of the chain and still achieve the same look. Use a PopAttract to cause the particles to collapse towards the center. To increase the motion blur, try adding a multiplier to your v@v attribute. v@v*=10; ap_ODFORCE_QUESTION.hipnc
  19. Non-overlapping Copies

    Here is another thread on the topic leveraging the found_overlap attribute for RBDs.
  20. cloud with interaction

    Looks good. Another tip, when working with deforming colliders that may have thin parts (like characters), is to visualize the collision field under Smoke Object Guides. The collision resolution is directly linked to the resolution of the smoke object Division Size. If it is too large, your collider might not interact with the volume as expected. This character's fingers fizzle in and out of existence as it proceeds through the animation. Also there are a few collision frames that are complete failures which is what causes it to blink on and off. ap_character_cloud_interacting_v002.hiplc
  21. For Each problèm in Houdini 17

    Check out this video. It demonstrates how to unhide nodes that were in previous versions of Houdini. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/unhide-hidden-nodes/ Many older tutorials are not worth pursuing. It is better to spend your time learning the new workflow, instead.
  22. Depending upon how detailed your source OBJ is, you might try the old point deform trick. Instead of trying to recreate the UVs on the new vellum version, use the vellum version to point deform the original OBJ into the deformed vellum shape.
  23. Cleaning up the geo

    If you don't mind losing your crisp edge and increasing your poly count, yes. That will work.
  24. Cleaning up the geo

    Here is some basic code that I got to work, I placed both for loop nodes in single pass mode. So only one section of the ring is processed. I haven't figured out to successfully integrate this code to loop over all the primitives in the full object, however. This GIF shows what happens when I toggle the correction code on an off. It's a two step process, one step detects the overlap and marks the offending primitives, then the second wrangle node removes the marked primitives. int is_x_same = 0; int is_y_same = 0; int is_z_same = 0; // Get all primitives int primitives[] = expandprimgroup(0, "*"); //foreach (int currentPrim; primitives){ int currentPrim =11; vector cur_bbox = getbbox_size(0, itoa(currentPrim)); float cur_area = prim(0,"area",currentPrim); //foreach (int testPrim; primitives){ int testPrim =3; if(currentPrim!=testPrim){ is_x_same = 0; is_y_same = 0; is_z_same = 0; vector test_bbox = getbbox_size(0, itoa(currentPrim)); float test_area = prim(0,"area",currentPrim); if (cur_bbox.x==test_bbox.x) {is_x_same = 1;} if (cur_bbox.y==test_bbox.y) {is_y_same = 1;} if (cur_bbox.z==test_bbox.z) {is_z_same = 1;} int i = is_x_same+is_y_same+is_z_same; if (i>1) { // This primitive shares a parallel plane with the current prim. if(cur_area>test_area) { setprimattrib(0,"should_remove",testPrim,1,"set"); } else { setprimattrib(0,"should_remove",currentPrim,1,"set"); } // We have found a match so stop looping over test primitives. //break; } } else { // Skip testing against self. } //} //} ap_geo_clean_v3.hiplc
  25. Cleaning up the geo

    Yeah, none of the standard cleanup nodes will work for your case. You'll have to write code to detect the overlapping primitives, use the measure sop to determine their area and follow up with a removeprim function to remove the overlapping primitive with the smaller area.