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  1. PYRO on GPU OpenCL crash

    So how do you run OpenCL on the CPU exactly? I have the same Quadro4000 card at work on a 16 core machine. Can OpenCL use all 16 cores? The Quadro is really a lame card, it only has 256 cores compared to over a thousand even for a modest gaming card.
  2. PYRO on GPU OpenCL crash

    Are you monitoring your GPU temperature? When GPUs overheat they crash. You may want to use a custom fan/temperature graph to make sure the GPU fan turns on before it gets too hot. I generally set my fan to be "full-on" just before it reaches 60 degrees celsius. Most graphics card tend to have conservative fan curves in their bios by default. This allows the vendor to produce a product that runs quiet and will wear out quicker. MSI Afterburner is a free program on Windows that allows you to create a custom fan curve for your GPU. https://gaming.msi.com/features/afterburner
  3. free renderman is out

    Cool, I just visited the 3Delight site and noticed it was bumped up to 8 cores. I also noticed that their claim for Houdini support points to a non existent thread here on odforce.
  4. Droplet on object

    Check out vosiloB's video tutorial and posted HIP file. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/16486-normal-along-surface/page-2
  5. Hi All, I know this sounds incredibly simple and I thought the default box node would do this but I am having trouble. I am trying to re-create the C4D Matrix object in Houdini. Basically the C4D Matrix object is a 3D grid of points. I thought I could just subdivide the box but that only gives my points along the faces of the box/cube. I need points through out the entire volume of the box. How would I set this up? Thanks PS: Seeing how the thread was hi-jacked for another topic I renamed it.
  6. free renderman is out

    You don't have to convince SESI, just buy the full Houdini license. Convince them with money, your own (muhaahaa)... Anyway, Renderman is not actually "free". You can't use it in your client work unless you purchase it. You may as well use 3Delight if you are on a budget. Their license allows client work from the 4 CPU only demo.
  7. Hi All, I was just wondering how to get a grid of points from an image? I only want a point where the alpha is on-zero. Is this a COPs to OBJ function?
  8. Thanks for the information. I have come a little farther. There is no Delete in VOP and there is no Group either. How do I remove the unwanted points from the result? (before I map the final points back into P)
  9. Thanks for the starting recipe. I am kind of stuck at adding the VOPSOP. Why doesn't this show up in my list? I tried the object context and inside the object but VOPSOP does not seem to exist anymore in R14? Also, the texture node outputs a clr. How do I convert that to just get the 4th value, alpha, to do the compare?
  10. How To Make an Animated GIF For The Forum

    @eetu: I did try that initially but the divisions parameter only subdivides the points that fall on the faces so I ended up with no points inside the box at all. I thought it would work like the grid does.
  11. How To Make an Animated GIF For The Forum

    Thank you, I think that might work. I was also trying out copying the grid along a line with several points. I'm not sure which one is faster in the end?

    I like the stone brick A.
  13. Checkout the function chops(opinputpath(".",0")). This should get you your starting value from there chop channel. For instance, use a Shift node (in CHOPS context) and then place the expression -chops(opinputpath(".",0")) in the Start field. This will create a shifted chop whose start will always be at 0. Then you can use a Delete by pattern 0 (non-selected) to fetch that value. chops gets you chop start. chope gets you chop end.
  14. Hi All, I have been tasked to animate armor to appear over a skeleton. I am wondering how to do this in Houdini. Assume I have 9-10 modeled armor pieces that cover a section of the skeleton, say the hips. How would I make the mesh parts appear over time? Is that a copy stamp workflow, a foreach...? Thanks
  15. Animate Armor Over A Skeleton?

    The armor should grow on. Kind of like Tealc's armor in the first Stargate or the armor on Voyager during the final episode when they navigate the borg corridors.
  16. Hi All, I have clicked on the default Crowd Simulation tool and created a crowd. I notice the two pink nodes, walk and stand (Crowd State). From reading the help, the name of these nodes is the name of an animation file stored somewhere on the disk. These files are created by the Agent Render node. How can I locate where crowd state animations are located so I can try out more options? I assume Houdini ships with more than stand and walk...right?
  17. Floating Isolated Particles

    The current FLIP solver, as of R14, does not support TimeScale of non 1.0 very well. Try setting your TimeScale for the solver and the flip object back to 1.0 and re-run the simulation. Also consider opening up the Closed boundaries along the top of the tank. Turn off Y+ under Initial Data. When I did this the sim did not have any stragglers hanging out stuck in space. If you must use the current TimeScale settings to achieve your effect you can dive into the FlipSolver and "repair" all the broken TimeScale links inside the solver. I cover how to do this in my BulletTime FLIP Tank tutorial in the education section of this forum.
  18. Problem creating bubbles in a splashTank

    Remember, you are just tricking people into believing what you want them to. With that in mind, situations like yours requires a slight of hand to reach the end result. Simply make a FLIP tank, which does support bubbles via whitewater, and render out bubbles from that simulation. Then, in your compositor, mix the two fluids together. No one will really care if it is flip or splash in the end. Use the same material for rendering both. Think in terms of footage, not simulations.
  19. Short and sweet OP centric lessons

    Thanks Magneto, Here is another short tutorial on how to leverage an OBJ sequence (or any other mesh format sequence) inside Houdini.
  20. Ping Pong Frame Expression?

    Hi All, I have an OBJ sequence that is 24 frames long (1-24). I want to write an expression for the Frame field of the TimeShift node that will cause the sequence to play forwards then backwards as I advance forward through time. EXAMPLE: Frames 1-24 would play as normal. Frames 24-48 would play backwards. Frames 49-... play forward etc... I assume this is some kind of conditional modulus expression using $F, I just don't know the syntax. Thanks Atom
  21. Ping Pong Frame Expression?

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I pasted Pezetko's expression into the Frame field it worked!
  22. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    I am still trying to get Zoki's file to do anything. Zoki says I have to "set the project". Can someone explain what is meant by that statement? I have downloaded the bluewaitStreet.hip file and located the Reload button but I still get nodes in an error state because they are referencing rigs that are external to the posted file. "failed to open ...agents/blue/blue_rig.rig" How do we work with crowd systems? Is there a way to make a self contained file, like Blender can, inside of Houdini that contains all the essential assets? Am I expected to know how to make some default rig to use the above example? A clear working example for noobs would be great to see posted. Should I be concerned about the warnings in the message box? Are these warnings the reason why the posted HIP file does not work for me?
  23. You could exclude * on the second node..right?
  24. [SOLVED]FLIP Timescale Has No Effect?

    I actually solved this one and put together a short tutorial on how I did it here.
  25. Hi All, I have a fluid object that drops down and sloshes around an obstacle. I also have a FLIP fluid tank in the simulation as well with the fluid level set to -1 so it does not initially appear in the scene. After frame #90 I animate the fluid level in the tank to rise, but there is no interaction with the existing object based fluid that is already in motion. Is there a way to make the rising flip tank fluid interact with the already present object based fluid? Thanks