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  1. viscosity problem

    Try setting Particle Motion/ Reseeding/ Surface Oversampling = 36.
  2. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    I guess basic velocity damping, in a GeometryWrangle can stop the expansion process, but it produces a strange dissolve effect, as an artifact. I couldn't seem to get the GasDamp node to have any effect.
  3. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    Thanks for the file. Do you have any Solver configuration tips, that will limit expansion? It seems to expand forever...
  4. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Have you added any density to your empty volume? Volumes also don't show up, if you are in wireframe mode.
  5. You can also try using a pointreplicate, around your original large chunk points. When many points are around a single area, the fracture will surround them with smaller pieces. Another way is to leverage the debris, system, which releases particles around the seams of the larger chunks. You can copy smaller random rocks shapes to those generated points.
  6. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    Thanks for the additional information. I can see the exterior band voxel bounding box change, when alter the value. I never really played around with that. Getting closer, though.
  7. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    That is a nice example file. Do you have any tips on keeping some of the fluid "stuck" to the collision object. I would like the strawberry to be coated in chocolate, even after it spins around and throws some of the fluid off to the sides. I tried increasing Surface Tension and Viscosity, but the fluid still won't stick? Are exterior bands the same as narrow bands? I'm not really sure where that setting is located? I noticed the solver is unlocked in your example. Did you make changes to the solver itself?
  8. Uhg, that is the problem with redshift. There is always another override you have to do. I mean why do we need a special override for "UserData" when we are already extracting the attribute, automatically?
  9. I would agree that is a 100% Redshift bug. You might want to report it. The only other thing to try, is to override both materials on the tree. I don't know what the trunk material name is, so I can't test that theory. It might be that on a multiple material object, if you override one, you have to override them all. Try dropping down a material in /shop that matches the name of the trunk.
  10. power of gas repeat solver

    This original H12.5 technique, using the gasrepeatsolver, no longer seems to work. I have changed the file using the newer method, described in Andrew's H15 video on the topic. ap_gas_repeat_explosion_retime_collision_102519.hiplc
  11. Ring pyro burst

    It's hard to say, without seeing the hip file. Are you deriving velocity from normals? Some times, the last point on a path can go astray. That last point of the circle, may have a normal pointing in the wrong direction, thus causing the velocity to head off in the stray direction..? If you are using a Gas Curve Force, once it reaches the end of the path, it continues in the last known direction.
  12. I'll often create another GEO node, use an ObjectMerge to bring in the geo_skin node. Drop down a transform, after the ObjectMerge to scale it. This also allows you to create a collision object from the geo_skin, as well. There is a Note, inside the HDA that explains that scaling is disabled because DualQuaternion skinning does not support that. So dive inside and read the notes.
  13. Ring pyro burst

    Try the surface project, non-divergent, applied to a torus. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Pyro_stick_to_surface_with_project_non_divergent_sop
  14. I don't think I would use a floor for that. Maybe try... int rnd_index = int(fit01(rand(@ptnum+ch("seed")),1,50)); The nature of random numbers is that you might not get all 50 variation, while processing 50 points. To achieve that consider randomizing a list/array and using the point number as an index into that list. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/52579/?page=1#post-236406
  15. attribute transfer for UVs

    Try an attributecopy, instead?
  16. Sure, change each of the FileCache nodes from No Operation, to Write Files. Make sure to move the blue Display flag to surface_cache node. Rewind and play the time line. You might want to set the timeline to "Play Once" instead of "Loop" Also: it looks like you are visualizing the collision object, turn that off, or you will waste memory creating that VDB for the display, every frame.
  17. I'm not sure if i@id is valid, try @ptnum. The id can be recycled, if you have reaping enabled.
  18. Bend Pyro Import!

    Here is a single pyro simulation randomly rotated and randomly retimed along random length paths that are randomly deformed. ap_path_grid_pyro_volume_093019.hiplc
  19. Bend Pyro Import!

    I'm trying to use the SOP Bend node to bend the results of a pyro simulation. I have a basic setup, that is close, but I don't know how to apply the new, bent bounding area to the existing pyro. This results in the pyro being clipped. Is there a way to expand this box based upon the new bent area? ap_bend_pyro_volume_092819.hiplc
  20. Bend Pyro Import!

    I made some progress on bending the pyro along a path. Extreme bends in the curve, reveal the rasterization, however. I pulled in a path deform subnet that I found at this link. ap_path_pyro_volume_093019.hiplc
  21. Bend Pyro Import!

    Yep, that's me on BA, too. I've been looking at the new 2.8 offerings, Eevee. Thanks for the file. I am still getting up to speed, with volume wrangles and your example helps. I have extended the wrangle, to include the temperature and heat fields as well. I think it might even be possible to replace the bend with a point deform and send the entire simulation down a path. ap_bend_pyro_volume2_092819.hiplc
  22. Generating volumetrail from moving points?

    Got some help on Discord. ap_toad_trails_for_atom.hiplc
  23. I have a set of points that define a shape. I wan to turn that into a velocity field that I can advect points through. I have a basic setup, but I can't figure out how to bend the red lines along the curved particle generated line. ap_particle_sphere_arcs.hiplc
  24. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    Setting the Grid Scale to 1, it defaults to 2, helps preserve volume. Under Volume Motion/Collision tab try setting the Velocity Scale to 0. ap_flip_car_drop.hiplc