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  1. HeyAtom

    What are you doing for clothing when using the ManuelBastioni Blender addon?


    1. Atom


      Nothing, I gave up on it for now. I went back to Make Human and pulled down the large variety of clothing posted by users.

    2. art3mis



      ok thanks. I spent a day trying to create some simple clothes (top + shorts) for my MBastioni rig, which seemed to work until I started animating it.

      Hopefully the author will include clothing in the next update as it is a planned and much requested feature.

    3. art3mis


      Hi Atom

      So I'm assuming MakeHuman MHX2 format into Blender and apply BVH animation?

      Although the MB Addon results in more realistic humans IMHO than MakeHuman, the clothing hassle is making me look for alternatives as well!