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  1. Try adding a transform and rotating 90 degrees on the X-axis.
  2. And one I use all the time. def returnValidHoudiniNodeName(passedItem): # Thanks to Graham on OdForce for this function! # Replace any illegal characters for node names here. return re.sub("[^0-9a-zA-Z\.]+", "_", passedItem)
  3. Tutorial HIP Library

    I combined the Entagma flip melting tutorial with Sadjad Rabiee's fluid morph to produce this wax melting combination. I have added additional controls (check tooltips) to the popwrangle inside the DOPNetwork for better control over the "flow" of the simulation. I also added in the flatten flip surface nodes once the surface becomes too thin. This offers a more natural look as the fluid spreads out. You may receive a font error if you don't have "Candara Bold" installed on your system. Simply chose another font in the black/bold style (non-serif works best) ap_ntag_font_melt_FLIP.hiplc
  4. Tutorial HIP Library

    If you've worked through a tutorial and want to share your HIP file with the community, post it here! I completed one where Mikael Pettersen demonstrates how to create a Blendshape crowd agent. ap_mp_blendshape_crowd_character_052120.hiplc
  5. Rendering and simulating are two separate things. You might be mixing them up? Use a file cache to completely simulate all 240 frames. This will write a file for every frame of your simulation. Then you can render any frame range without having to re-simulate.
  6. Rocket exhaust expansion effect (particles)

    You could try attaching a line pointing down to the center of the emission area. Use the end of the line as a goal position for particles to seek. The length of the line determines the distance the particles travel before they are close enough to seek the goal. ap_tapered_particles.hiplc
  7. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    It's a small request. When the Choose Image dialog pops up, you can press any alphabetic key to jump to the first entry in the list beginning with that letter. Most of the time on my system this a folder name. I'm often looking for an image name instead. What would be nice, is if I press the same alphabetic key again, the image chooser would search past the first folder, and jump to the fist file beginning with the letter I typed.
  8. Kinefx Overshoot on Curve

    Indeed, quite fun, just add a path deform.
  9. Karma hair

    I haven't test it with hair yet, but under Image Output/Filters you can enable Denoising. I'm not sure what effect denoise has on thin hairs. Also try another HDRi image if you're using one. Some of them tend to produce noise. It's not unheard of to blur the hdri map to obtain smoother results.
  10. Thin_plate collision-data??

    You can inspect the Impact records. @objid is the object number impacted. Kick out @copynum from the Copy sop to compare later. ap_colldataCV.hiplc
  11. model sliced vegetables procedurally

    There is an abstract mention of that in one of the Hive videos. Check out time code 45:30.
  12. Tutorial HIP Library

    I worked through the Entagma toon outline video and converted it for Karma use. ap_ntag_GeoToonShader_TUT.hiplc
  13. Activate FLIP by Attribute

    There is an @stopped attribute you can use. if (inpointgroup(0, "active", @ptnum)!=1) { @v = {0,0,0}; @stopped = 1; }
  14. Tutorial HIP Library

    Custom VEX based carve with randomization as described by the UPP advertising team at the FMX 2022 Hive. https://www.sidefx.com/houdini-hive/fmx-2022/#virtual ap_upp_fmx_2022_hive_custom_carve_052122.hiplc
  15. Tutorial HIP Library

    Here is a texture projection onto RBD boxes. I've updated it to render with Karma. Kind of a Benjamin Button intro effect. ap_mp_kr_project_texture_on_RBD_simulation_052122.hiplc
  16. Tutorial HIP Library

    And yet another Mikael Pettersen setup demonstrating guided RBD fracture simulations. In the original tutorial, Voronoi fracture was used, in this one I added rbdmaterialfracture with chipping. You can switch between the two techniques. ap_mp_zombie_crumble_guided_RBD_collapse_052122.hiplc
  17. Tutorial HIP Library

    Another Mikael Pettersen setup that demonstrates how to project your packed RBD sim onto an alternate ground plane (with the same point count) without having to resimulate. ap_mp_fix_bad_rbd_collision_surface_052022.hiplc
  18. Tutorial HIP Library

    I worked through a tutorial where Mikael Pettersen demonstrates the emission of vellum sticky balls. ap_mp_emit_vellum_sticky_balls_052022.hiplc
  19. Maybe check out the volumefeather node..?
  20. And from there you could path deform the flat resulting paint stroke along a helix path.
  21. I have a video editor friend who travels with his mac pro. He uses a soft case and the airline treats it as luggage. I think I'd leave all the parts in place and buy whatever insurance the flight might offer.
  22. I don't think you want to merge them like that, you'll duplicate your geometry. You only need one material node. Click the + button to add new material slots and use the group field to isolate them.
  23. Point Cd attribute in MaterialX

    Karma is a USD implementation, so standard Houdini attribute names don't work. Lookup the USD equivalents Cd=displayColor, Alpha=opacity. You can look up the USD equivalents here: https://graphics.pixar.com/usd/release/spec_usdpreviewsurface.html#core-nodes
  24. You can copy any geometry to the resulting points. Here's the pighead making up the crown spash.
  25. Rocket exhaust - Particle based pyro simulation

    Try adding some velocity blur on the rasterizeattributes node.