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  1. Bake source animation into hip file and post here, without this it's hard to tell what is going on or at least do flipbook video to show.
  2. Pyro trails explosion

    Just wait several days, in H18.5 you will find good presets to start with.
  3. Sure, just multiply input volume values. Make gradien 0 to 1.
  4. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    I guess the idea is to rebuild a geo on fly, not just stretch or animate position. Here is good example https://zybrand.xyz/vellumcontinuous-emit-with-dynamic-constraints#more-324
  5. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Maybe keep faking like this. vellum_on_fly_v02.hip
  6. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Rough idea to rebuild geo and constraints on fly. vellum_on_fly.hip
  7. FX Reel 2020

    My latest reel, 2020. Collection of shows 2016-2019.
  8. For example, convert sphere to volume and do volume mix operation.
  9. cross product for beginning @up = {0,1,0}; @N = cross(@up, @N);
  10. Several ideas. sphere_volume_shell_color_v01.hipnc
  11. Simulating Cannon with recoil from Pyro

    Looks like you are trying to overcomplicate your task. Use standard techniques in particles sourcing according to reference and play with pyro look. Add more substeps because of fast motion. That's all.
  12. Align using meta value

    Align To - Which primitive to align to. If blank aligns to first primitive in the auxiliary input.
  13. Align using meta value

    Hm, if you need to get current loop number you should ask for "iteration" in second block. detail("../block_begin1_n", "iteration", 0)
  14. Align using meta value

    Check how it works. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/looping.html
  15. Create a ramp hill from edges to center

    Try to go from edge to center and control position shift amount based on that. TEST_v02.hipnc