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  1. FX Reel 2020

    My latest reel, 2020. Collection of shows 2016-2019.
  2. For example, convert sphere to volume and do volume mix operation.
  3. cross product for beginning @up = {0,1,0}; @N = cross(@up, @N);
  4. Several ideas. sphere_volume_shell_color_v01.hipnc
  5. Simulating Cannon with recoil from Pyro

    Looks like you are trying to overcomplicate your task. Use standard techniques in particles sourcing according to reference and play with pyro look. Add more substeps because of fast motion. That's all.
  6. Align using meta value

    Align To - Which primitive to align to. If blank aligns to first primitive in the auxiliary input.
  7. Align using meta value

    Hm, if you need to get current loop number you should ask for "iteration" in second block. detail("../block_begin1_n", "iteration", 0)
  8. Align using meta value

    Check how it works. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/looping.html
  9. Create a ramp hill from edges to center

    Try to go from edge to center and control position shift amount based on that. TEST_v02.hipnc
  10. procedural tile bathroom

    Try stamp with random rotation. bathroom_wall_v01.hipnc
  11. Attach Camera to Boat

    Try rivet
  12. How about calculate real size of every letter and shift based on it? Looks like you are trying to do the same but I am not sure about your idea. ltower_v01.hipnc
  13. smoke has a hairy look

    Again, check shelf tool "billowy smoke". You are using very low gas dissipate, smoke almost stay forever, at the same time there are no forces to move this smoke except gasdisturb and turbulence which tearing it apart. Main motion of smoke is Buoyancy (which based on temperature) or wind, in your case temperature disappears very fast, Buoyancy stop working, smoke not rising anymore but gasdisturb keep working. Find a good reference and examine real behaviour.
  14. smoke has a hairy look

    Good, right step, you are close. Use Visualization in gasdisturb to see where forces are still present. Play only with gasdisturb1 first, disable the rest, adjust one than add one more, adjust and so on. Play with control range, you are adding high values of gasdisturb but trying to limitate only from range 0-1, try 0-5, 0.1-2 or so... Plus now limit only by velocity, try to add density as well.
  15. Text terminal effect

    Straight idea is to shift by size dependence and cut the rest. But for procedural way need to find out how to calculate font size properly, with uppercase and line spacing. typewriter_v02.hipnc