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  1. Magic Trail effect

    Check this technique https://pepefx.blogspot.com/2016/04/cigarette-smoke.html
  2. Magic Trail effect

    I mean describe the issue, show what is not working and so on.... check an example attached Magic Trail effect.hip
  3. Not sure it will work in MAT contex, just save line before render what makes sense to keep stages separate.
  4. Magic Trail effect

    Give more details, show your setup, describe the issue...
  5. Maybe, simpli read curve in shader. read_curve_in_shader.hip
  6. Magic Trail effect

    Search "houdini particles advect pyro tutorial"
  7. Pattern for tempered glass

    Boolean first for radial look, then keep adding second and third levels. Use your custom geo to cut radially, lower level will be standard fractured.
  8. Rotating Packed Primitives in VOP?

    There are several ways how to do this, as a new to Houdini you can simply go in loop and transform how you like. Google "houdini loop" to understand how it works. More advanced way will be with matrix tranformation, you can google "houdini rotate packed primitive". Check an example rotatetriangles_v02.hip
  9. Circle tagents

    Well done. Check hip, I have added the rest code from the article above. Hope it will help to finish the setup. cg_v01.hip
  10. Circle tagents

    Looks like homework wasn't done first
  11. This series of videos gives understanding how to manipulate vellum, the rest I added to setup is standard.
  12. Hey, first example with "Mask_restlength". An idea from this "example", you can continue playing with brining attributes and manipulate parameters. 01_Cloth_v02.hip
  13. Check Vellum entry series, you will find many answers here. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-nodes/
  14. Rocket exhaust expansion effect (particles)

    As an idea. exhaust_v01.hip