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  1. Venom!

    This movie sucks. Sorry)
  2. .hip file versioning (git)

    This is really weird)))
  3. Ohh.. have never used *.ass format for transfer(
  4. Maybe try to clean all attributes and groups, make sure you save full geometry not packed primitives.
  5. Prefer not to add type for global variables like @P, @N, @v.... but if there is a custom variable like f@mysuperval, yes it must be.
  6. Art directing fractures

    Check this "staggered_fracture.hipnc" http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops
  7. Foreach non hardcore))) btw in this case "carve" can be used
  8. Something like trails_v02.hiplc
  9. Tree RIG Sway In Wind?

    Wire + wire glue constraint
  10. DNEG have shared open source tool for vdb operations. If somebody already checked this, will be nice to hear comments. https://www.dneg.com/openvdb-ax/ https://github.com/dneg/openvdb_ax OpenVDB AX is an open source C++ library that provides a powerful and easy way of interacting with OpenVDB point and volume data. This exposes an expression language to allow fast, custom manipulation of point attributes and voxel values using a collection of mathematical functions. Expressions are quickly JIT-compiled and to offer great performance that in many cases rival custom C++ operators. It is developed and maintained by DNEG Visual Effects, providing a flexible and portable way to work with OpenVDB data.
  11. Disable fluid and switch, what you need in sopsolver.