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  1. Windy Day

    Custom velocity and Pyro play with Houdini. http://24eff.com/#Windy_Day
  2. Windy Day

    big thanks!
  3. colored Smoke

    thanks CiaranM! much more better approach : ]
  4. colored Smoke

    hi, CiaranM you are right, it works only with initial state will be good to see your example (attachment)
  5. colored Smoke

    I was trying to use your file, but))) try to keep all clear in your setup, it will help you to work, check the file below pyro_color_advect.hip
  6. Which Linux For Houdini?

    in Ubuntu right now Houdini 15
  7. colored Smoke

    try to add "volumevop" and normolize Cd after dopimport
  8. Set ActiveValue in a Packed Object

    if(i@act>0&&i@act<=4){ niiiiice) big thanks rayman
  9. Set ActiveValue in a Packed Object

    trying this I'm loosing initial state velosity when active state is not first frame, any idea? *check file, use switch to see difference rbdpackedobject_activate.hip
  10. Let's play Pyro

    A bit RnD with Pyro, smoke, fire and color advect. http://24eff.com/#Lets_play_Pyro
  11. hi rGarfield, sorry, didn't have seen your post check this - http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20691-realistic-dynamic-fracturing-with-bullet/
  12. hi, need help 1. box with animated scale 2. asset with box and linked scale 3. default value is "bezier()"!? 4. install the asset in a new scene and there is no keys, just 0 - how to save keys in default value in an asset?
  13. Asset default value

    hi there, thanks for advice! I have tried to use motionFX, but in this case I got uneditable values it works but there will be something like this (chop("chopnet1/OUT/scale")) in field I'm looking the way to bake this values from chop to asset
  14. thanks!, marty hope I'm moving in the right direction : ]
  15. Break Cone constraint.

    нужно было мне быстрее печатать
  16. Break Cone constraint.

    hi, I guess you changed something in the "Overwrite with SOP" field check file Cone_constraint_de_merde_fix.hip
  17. anotherGhostInTheShell

    thanks, alksndr!
  18. DIVERSIO making of

    Hi! A little 'making of' to see how things happened. Hope it will be interesting and useful to someone : ] How it was in workflow...

    hi! It's always a big challenge to learn a new software from a scratch, in my case it was Houdini. Through dozens tuts, understanding basic aspects and workflow I decided to try to do something myself. As I know, this is the best way to learn ) So, I wanted to have a scene to work with maximum aspects: modeling, lighting, shader building, visualization, animation, workflow organization... and of course RBD, particles, pyro... Finally, I realized, that the scene and design from the Avengers movie will be good to borrow, of course not without my personal vision. Yes, it was hard to jump from Autodesk workflow to Houdini's, but, to be honest, I fell in love with Houdini XD, sometimes we fought, but I think it's okay. There were a lot of fails and misunderstanding during work, got over that I learned more, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to try to do next. Weeks in the evening after work, weekends and holidays.... render, rerender, compositing, sound and here it is! Big thanks odforce.net, Ari Danesh and SideFx in particular. ! watch in the best quality on http://www.24eff.com/ or download original video from https://vimeo.com/132310854

    thanks, Jason ohh yeah.... a lot of topics)