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  1. !!!

    This is it! I'm so excited to reveal my Houdini Tutorial, with monstrous 38 hours recorded materials.

    This tutorial aims to houdini artists who would like to learn new techniques in procedural creation of geometry, volumetric, animation, complex pyro simulation and meet closer with a new Karma XPU render engine.

    For odforce members a special 20% discount! Please use discount code: FFFS071

    GET IT HERE: https://fxforfun.gumroad.com/l/subject071



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  2. Thrilled to show a teaser of my future Houdini tutorial.
    Key topics:
    - Proceduralism: geometry and animation
    - Pyro: explosion with love
    - Karma XPU: pain and joy

    *99.9% done with Karma XPU
    Release on gumroad soon.


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  3. 4 hours ago, NoaX said:


    Hey Fencer,

    Thank you  for taking the time to review this. The solution you have working is quite cool, a bit tricky with multi solver setup - so currently trying to reverse engineer so I fully get it. The idea of using Point deform inside the sopsolver1 and 2 and then merging them.. Nice!


    I have a follow up question:

    Here in this file I've moved your vex curtain to the right, and I've added a simple disc using labs tool (I've also made gravity go up, and pinned the inner edges) -- but you'll notice it doesn't complete the full animation cycle it stops simulating around frame 20ish.

    Of course, If I edit the frame on enable solver it will try to do something. Would be curious to see what your solution is, maybe one will come to mind after I've fully grasped your file =)!



    Again thank you 


    Maybe keep faking like this.



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  4. 1 hour ago, Stevie Mac said:

    But the 'Align To' is looking for a name string so wouldn't 'iteration' give me an integer?
    I need the Align To to match the name of what is coming into it's 2nd input.
    So if the current iterations name is BACK if I type in back in the 'Align To' it all works fine I just need that to read the name attrib somehow.



    Align To - Which primitive to align to. If blank aligns to first primitive in the auxiliary input.


  5. Again, check shelf tool "billowy smoke".
    You are using very low gas dissipate, smoke almost stay forever, at the same time there are no forces to move this smoke except gasdisturb and turbulence which tearing it apart.
    Main motion of smoke is Buoyancy (which based on temperature) or wind, in your case temperature disappears very fast, Buoyancy stop working, smoke not rising anymore but gasdisturb keep working.
    Find a good reference and examine real behaviour.