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  1. 9 hours ago, Dag said:


    the problem is this field does not recognize the expression when I put e.g. @pattern or `detail("../NULL", "pattern", 0)` I would like to set the parameter in the wrangle like this setattrib(0, "detail", "pattern_node", s@pattern, @ptnum);but it does work.

    Create a new wrangle with test detail attribute s@test = "name"; and connect before building_from_patterns node;

    Check if the field can read this.

  2. On 2/2/2023 at 12:18 PM, Marc said:


    With regard to the syntax highlighting, it's possible but it requires some hacking of the editors interface thing. I did it on the last version of the forum but forgot how. I'm pretty time constrained, but I'll try get to it soon. 

    A bit inefficient in this case, we have three latest reply for one post in one "Posts" section. In theory, all "Posts" section can be filled with only one topic discussion.

    Maybe there is a way to limit with one latest reply per topic in this section?


  3. 10 hours ago, Marc said:

    Let me know if the modules I added are working. These ones are built into the software vs a plugin, but they're less feature rich. I can investigate some more if these aren't good enough.

    Probably something with cookies or CSS (a:visited), right side is here but it's not showing separation in visited and new topics, it was bold title when new and normal after visiting. Easy to see what you already saw but now all is the same. (I'm using Firefox)

  4. Looks like you're on the right way with flip, do more resolution, add more swirl/turbulence as on ref.
    To make it more sandy for render you can try advect pop with amount of particles required for this look or random remove part of particles like 20-30% from flip to make gaps between grains.

  5. 1 hour ago, apollo11 said:

    @Benyee  Hi, I tested your file it was working in simple transform scene but when I wanted to test it in an rbd scene the result was negative and the primdist kept deleting when it was less than 0.0005. There was deterioration on the outer surfaces as well, but I seem to have partially corrected them by separating and reassembling the surfaces.

    test_v2_rbd test.hipnc


    Going with the solver as Benyee mentioned must be the way.



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