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  1. For those who are struggling with the same problem: I exported the flip cache as .bin extension(realflow data), and then meshed it in Maya using RFRK. It gives proper MB in Arnold. I think SOUP would have also worked, didn't get to try. If anyone has tried it, please share. Or any other better way. Thanks
  2. Hi All, It's quite old and well-debated problem, and I followed most of the techniques available on the net, but didn't find the answer. So Please forgive if asking this again annoys anyone. When exporting changing topology from Houdini to Maya, Arnold doesn't read MB data. Is there any way to make it work without SOUP. An example file for export setup would be a great help. Thanks
  3. I also facing the same problem..first I was surprised to see that sim files write from frame 1 while my start frame in DOP network is 100, but eventually it sets to 100 once we load from disk. (why it does that I don't know) I even saved with check points but still it's not helping me to restart my cache from last cached frame. Any help/info on this would be great. Thanks