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  1. export Arnold VDB archive ASS

    You dont export from the arnold volume node. Point your ROP to a geo node with the vdb in it. gb_arnold_export_ass.hip
  2. Spars solver rest position?

    Hi @bunker, Where do you insert the compute_rest netbox stuff? I've tried to copy the legacy pyro as closely as possible by wiring it into the FIRST FRAME and gas substep dops. Wired the advect rest into the ADVECTION merge and created rest and rest2 fields in the pyro object. But not having much luck with it.
  3. I've got a stack of grains that will be forced up, the initial Normals are up. How can I get these normals through the sim so that they rotate/orient and work with clumping and such? Think grass on clumps of soil.
  4. RBD Constraint Cymbals

    I'm trying to setup an RBD sim and I need the object to be constrained like a drumkit cymbal would be, i.e. it pivots on a point but is constrained enough not to rotate a lot. Any suggestions as to the best way to go about this? Cheers
  5. Heya, I've got a bunch of particle sims instanced onto points which already have a pscale (to determine the size of the instanced particle sim) - when rendering it uses this pscale to render the points but I would like to use per-point pscale not per-instance pscale. How do I do this? Cheers
  6. creating condensation or water droplets

    might want to credit the original source
  7. Add AOVs to ROP

    I've done it before but can't find my old script. How do I script adding instances/AOVs/imageplanes on a ROP?
  8. UDIM for each geo procedurally

    improvement: transform y on uvtransform32 = (detail("../foreach_begin8_metadata1", "iteration", 0)-detail("../foreach_begin8_metadata1", "iteration", 0)%10)/10
  9. I've got some geo with 120+ leaf geometries and I'd like to procedurally move each geos uvs to it's own separate UDIM. I'm currently using a for-loop and some modulos but it's not quite working right transform x on uvtransform28 = detail("../foreach_begin8_metadata1", "iteration", 0)%10*2 transform y on uvtransform32 detail("../foreach_begin8_metadata1", "iteration", 0)-detail("../foreach_begin8_metadata1", "iteration", 0)%10 Any ideas?
  10. Randomize 'Class'

    promote class as max to detail and then a wrangle on prims does the trick for me - it's not random but it's shifted which is good enough for what i need int max = detail(0, "maxclass", 0); i@class+=chi("shift"); if (i@class>max){ i@class-=max; }
  11. I've got a class prim attribute created by connectivity SOP - how can I randomize sort this value? i.e. like you would with a sort SOP
  12. Vellum Age

  13. Vellum Age

    Is there a way to get an age and id attribute from continuously emitted vellum, like confetti?
  14. Particles Colour Into Geo Material

    got it working with a point cloud lookup
  15. Hey all, I've got a particle simulation and I'd like to use it's Cd attribute to drive the refraction or dispersion on a different piece of geo. They both sit in the same space so what I effectively want to do is attribute transfer but in a shader - is this doable? The only way I can think of is to render it out from the camera and then use that as an animated texture - but ideally, I'd like to miss out this clumsy step. Any ideas or help appreciated. Cheers