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  1. Ripples

    This is a good place to start http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Ripple_solver
  2. Particles & Attracting forces

    my mistake - sorry
  3. Particles & Attracting forces

    This might help you
  4. VEX quaternion to vectors

    nice one - thanks guys
  5. VEX quaternion to vectors

    I know, I know - it's a daft question but nonetheless..... matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); @orient = quaternion(m); will get you a quaternion value from a vector and an up. How do you reverse that?
  6. What version/build of houdini are you using? I found that the version I was using had a bug in it - the latest build / an older build sorted it for me
  7. This might get you started http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Per_primitive_rotation_with_vops
  8. Copy Stamp / For-Each / Compile-Block

    Just for posterity - the build 16.5.268 has this issue. The latest build (16.5.438) does not.
  9. Copy Stamp / For-Each / Compile-Block

    Thanks for confirming that. I'll post a bug report
  10. Copy Stamp / For-Each / Compile-Block

    @anim - I'm curious. I've been buggering about with this today and I'm lost as to what's going on. I've been trying to use your suggested setup for offsetting alembics. i.e. wrangle and timeoffset value and then applying it after a copy to points SOP using a setprimintrinsic(0, "abcframe", @primnum, f@time); I don't see the animation offset on the copies unless I unpack. Do you know why this would be? cheers for all your help
  11. Copy Stamp / For-Each / Compile-Block

    Thanks - this example by anim is perfect for what I need - I've converted my walkcycle to an alembic and it's lightning quick
  12. Hi all, I'm building a crude crowd-like system using POPs and I'd like to copy my imported walkcycle on to the particles with a random timeoffset. The old method of copystamp with a timeoffset value on a timeshift node works - but it's really slow. I've been reading up on the for-each / compile block method but I'm unable to compile timeshift or file nodes. So my question is - is it possible to do it with a for-each/compile setup or am I stuck with the old copystamp method?
  13. Primitive Islands

    nice one cheers fellas
  14. Evening all, I've got some imported geo which are basically buildings but they are just one big 1 million poly mess of prims - ideally they would be separate packed prims. Anyone know of a way to make each 'island' of prims into a single packed prim? Cheers
  15. You are currently assigning TOOLQUICK as a variable but not using it anywhere. You need to add it to your HOUDINI_PATH or HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH