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  1. Randomize 'Class'

    promote class as max to detail and then a wrangle on prims does the trick for me - it's not random but it's shifted which is good enough for what i need int max = detail(0, "maxclass", 0); i@class+=chi("shift"); if (i@class>max){ i@class-=max; }
  2. I've got a class prim attribute created by connectivity SOP - how can I randomize sort this value? i.e. like you would with a sort SOP
  3. Vellum Age

  4. Vellum Age

    Is there a way to get an age and id attribute from continuously emitted vellum, like confetti?
  5. Particles Colour Into Geo Material

    got it working with a point cloud lookup
  6. Hey all, I've got a particle simulation and I'd like to use it's Cd attribute to drive the refraction or dispersion on a different piece of geo. They both sit in the same space so what I effectively want to do is attribute transfer but in a shader - is this doable? The only way I can think of is to render it out from the camera and then use that as an animated texture - but ideally, I'd like to miss out this clumsy step. Any ideas or help appreciated. Cheers
  7. POPs Slide on surface

    I dont really want viscosity per-se - I just want the particles to not slip and slide over the surface but have more perceivable friction
  8. POPs Slide on surface

    Is there a way to control the 'slipperiness' of particles on a surface when slide attribute = 1? The cling attribute only determines whether it's attached to the surface or not. I want almost a 'viscosity' equivalent. I've tried boosting friction but I'm having no luck.
  9. Mplay and python

    Mplay's dev kit is pretty limited as far as I know, but I've created a few custom flipbooks in the past using python and mplay. This is will do the bulk of what you want to achieve. Essentially you want to write files to either to disk or directly into mplay - this will do that.
  10. Mplay and python

  11. Paperbag Strikes Back

    I think it's a Big Bang Theory reference.....
  12. FLIP in glass mblur

    I've got a liquid sloshing about in a glass and I'm rendering with dialectics. When mblur is turned on, frames where there is significant movement in the glass the 'interfacing' between the two objects appears to diverge. (i.e. it looks like the geometries don't overlap) I guess this is down to the motionblur calculating the glass and the liquid to be in different places. I've tried a heap of setups to try and get them to match but to no avail. I even tried copying the velocities from the glass straight onto the liquid to see if that would fix it so they have identical velocities, but that doesnt appear to work either. Any ideas?
  13. Has there been any development on this? I'd love to pull the caustic light with an lpe.....
  14. lpe: shadow

    Anyone know how to pull a shadow pass using lpe's in mantra? I found this on renderman but the syntax is different lpe:shadows;C[<.D'collector'><.S'collector'>]<L.>
  15. set your raytracing bias on the mantra ROP to a smaller value