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  1. hou.pasteNodesFromClipboard()

    I'm not convinced they are pasted to 0,0 ideally I'd like to lookup where in the coordinate system the network viewer is currently showing and just bung them somewhere in there. I'm liking the moveNodesTo() idea though - I might give that a go
  2. [novice] Running python script on new session

    This is what you need. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/locations
  3. File Browser default Path

    You can using houdini scripted UIs (selectFile is what you want) https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/ui From the docs: selectFile(start_directory=None, title=None, collapse_sequences=False, file_type=hou.fileType.None, pattern=None, default_value=None, multiple_select=False, image_chooser=False, chooser_mode=hou.fileChooserMode.ReadAndWrite) → str So for example: dialog = hou.ui.selectFile(start_directory=hou.hscriptExpression("$JOB"), title='Select your file', file_type=hou.fileType.Image) You can make start_directory a $VARIABLE or something more explicit like "/my_folder/images/"
  4. Hey all, I've recently installed Linux Mint 18 on to a dual boot on my laptop. I've been running houdini on windows 7 for a while without any problems. On Linux, however, I'm finding that Houdini will crash immediately I wake the laptop from sleeping (i.e. lift the lid up). Any ideas? Houdini 15.5 Apprecntice Thanks
  5. Linux Mint 18 - Crash on wake

    Thanks for the response, Mark. It's good to know I'm not being a total plonker!
  6. Disintegration of particles

    You could set up a SOP solver in your DOPnet that takes the normals from your emission surface and attribute transfers them onto your particles having converted them into velocities.
  7. The cheapest and simplest way to do this is to render out spheres or discs with pscale determined by age and a ramp, some random colours for variation and some rotations on them. Render them flat and then slap on some glow/glint in a 2D package like Nuke or AE.
  8. Hello, I'd like to include a 'hide/disable when' conditional on a parameter which is being created by a script. How do I do this? null = hou.node("/obj").createNode("null") null.setName('newNull') tabs = null.parmTemplateGroup() for folder in tabs.entries(): tabs.hideFolder(str(folder.label()), True) null.setParmTemplateGroup(tabs) parmGroup = null.parmTemplateGroup() parmGroup.addParmTemplate(hou.ToggleParmTemplate("overrideToggle", "Override Cache Version", 1)) parmGroup.addParmTemplate(hou.IntParmTemplate("overridingVersion", "Overriding Version", 1)) null.setParmTemplateGroup(parmGroup) null.parm('overrideToggle').set(0) null.parm('overridingVersion').disable(1)
  9. Forcing 456.py

    Heya peoples, I'm going round in circles on this one and it might just be down to my poor understanding of python and/or houdini. I've managed to get 90% of what I want for this tool complete but the final piece evades me. I've got a python tempfile.TemporaryFile being created when 456.py is triggered - it works perfectly - i.e. created upon opening a hip and deleted once the hip is closed I think what I want to do is trigger the 456.py from within a shelf tool (which is a custom saver script) I mean this is essentially the age-old quest for an "onSave" callback but sadly I have no understanding of C++ or the HDK so this solution is totally lost on me. Any pointers appreciated Cheers
  10. Change emission rate in FLIP simulation?

    on the flipfluidobject in the autodop there is a parameter called "particle separation" lower values = less separation = more points
  11. python set edit/Aliases and Variables

    Heya, Is there a way to lock these variables so that they can only be edited via script? i.e. to prevent users going into the Variables dialog and deleting them off.
  12. MainMenuCommon.xml Hotkeys

    Heya, I've created a custom menu tool and added it to the menu using the MainMenuCommon.xml file - is there a way of soft-setting a hotkey to it within the xml, i.e. for multiuser project-based deployment? I'm thinking that adding the HotkeyOverrides file might work but if it's possible to keep it all contained in the single xml file that would be far tidier.
  13. Hello, Noob here. I would like to create a character that appears to be made of a viscous liquid with some splashy/blobby bits falling off. I've tried using my emitting geometry as an isooffset SDF and then piped this into a field force dop with some success but it's not very controllable. I've also looked at using pop attract to try and keep the particles closer to the deforming geometry but with little success. Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction as to what methods I could try to implement this kind of effect? Any pointers appreciated Cheers
  14. FLIP: Animated Character made of liquid

    Heya sebkaine, Thanks for the nudge. Party on!
  15. Flip Fluid Object Follow Geometry

    Did anyone get any further with this? I've tried using vdb sdf as a field force which doesn't work ideally. Any ideas or nudges in the right direction would be appreciated.