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  1. Nice one Jeff! You're an absolute hero, Houdini Superstar and gentleman to boot. Thanks for the tuts, the webinars and forum replies. Keep doing what you're doing.
  2. or set the pscale attribute per point before you copySOP it
  3. Black in glass

    We're looking down on a wineglass with liquid in it. Anyone know why I'm getting this thick black edge along the top edge of the wine glass? (Left image is refraction pass, right image is beauty pass) It occurs when I drop raytracing bias down to a small value - say 0.0001 - I need this to be this small in order for my bubbles to render correctly. The glass shader is a principled shader, ior 1.5, transparency 1, fake caustics on, PBR.
  4. Black in glass

    so after buggering about for far to long on this - it's simply the reflection limit on the mantra rop that needs to be some huge number in order to fix this.
  5. Black in glass

    so it's definitely the principled shader. If i swap in a classic shader then it goes away. So it appears to be the principled shader refraction that's causing the issue. Not yet found a solution though.........
  6. H12 FLIP IDs

    Houdini 17.5.258 I'm getting duplicate ids when using FLIP and reseeding...... why would this be?
  7. VEX: arrays and such

  8. VEX: arrays and such

    Hiya, I think what I need to do is compare an array of all the ids in the current frame with all the ids of the previous frame - and from that determine which have been killed off and where there position was before they died. I guess I can do this in vex with arrays and some foreach looping - can someone point me in the right direction as to how I would go about this? I figured this would build my array but it grinds houdini to a halt: i[]@myarray; for(int i=0; @numpt; i++) { append(@myarray, i); }.
  9. Thin Laptop for Houdini

    What issues did you have with the xps? I've got an xps13 and it does feel a little temperamental......
  10. Set-up Render Passes in Houdini using PYTHON

    this link just points to this page.......
  11. 'Masking' FLIP reseeding

    Anyone got any ideas how I can mask where in my sim reseeding occurs?
  12. Freeze Flip Sim

    animatde timescale on the dop or post-sim retime sop should do the trick
  13. how to export material stylesheet

    In the Data Tree right-click on the stylesheet and select view JSON. You can view and save the stylesheet from there.
  14. Grain RBD Active/Deactive

    Morning all, I've got a basic Grain RBD setup of a box filled with grains I would like to settle and then stop movement until a collider is introduced. I 've used a pop wrangle to deactivate the grains below a velocity threshold but would like them to be reactivated once the collider is in close proximity. I thought a simple SOP Solver with an attribute transfer would do the job but, although the spreadsheet says their active value = 0 - they are clearly still active and the SOP Solver appears to be overriding the POP Wrangle completely. Any suggestions on either why this doesn't work or a better alternative. Thanks basicGrainRBD.hip
  15. Linux subprocess question

    for future reference this does work: subprocess.check_output('/usr/sbin/lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w', shell=True)
  16. Linux subprocess question

    I want to check if an external movie file is being used by another process before continuing with a script. If I run this in the terminal it returns 1 (which I think is correct as it is being used by rv) lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w if I run this in a python script in houdini it returns 0. subprocess.call(' lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w', shell=True) Any idea as to why this is the case? Truth be told - I don't really know what I'm doing here.....
  17. as far as I know, once it's been saved as non-commercial it's staying that way.
  18. " Is there by chance a way to use the Parameter Interface Editor, save that, call it from the script commit, and use the information from it? " that would be nice but i dont think its doable PyQt is the best way I know of creating custom UIs
  19. Create grey fibers ?

    a shit load of lines with noise?
  20. nice one cheers for the replies guys as ever - @anim's snippet did the business
  21. Having a brainfart here: I have a bunch of lines which I'm currently looping over and assigning the end points (ie. has 1 neighbour) into a group. What I now want to do is remove 1 or the other of these two points from the group. Someone show me what a donut I'm being, please!
  22. You could even make it a start/stop toggle: def outputPlaybarEvent(event_type, frame): if event_type == hou.playbarEvent.FrameChanged and frame == 1: #print event_type hou.playbar.play() hou.playbar.removeEventCallback(outputPlaybarEvent) return False if not hou.playbar.isPlaying(): hou.playbar.addEventCallback(outputPlaybarEvent) hou.setFrame(1) else: hou.playbar.stop()
  23. Add this script from Maurits to a keyboard shortcut and you're good to go. Not sure if Macros is something that can be done in houdini but you can definitely script this stuff.
  24. Vellum Hair Break

    I've managed to get the vellum hairs breaking quite nicely - but I wonder what the breakthreshold is compared against in order to determine that it has been reached. Any ideas?
  25. vellum hair break [SOLVED]

    hopping on to this one. I've managed to get the vellum hairs breaking quite nicely - but I wonder what the breakthreshold is compared against in order to determine that it has been reached. Any ideas?