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  1. I'm building up a crowd for some stadium work - the mocap out of the box might wll do the job but it's only men - anyone know where I can get some women?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to export nested .ass files - for example with a crowd. I can get a crowd exported using alembics using this method - but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for exporting, say, each agent as an arnold procedural within a single arnold procedural i.e. nested. cheers
  3. Replace mPlay ?

    you can create your own - sort of - by writing to disk and then opening the written sequence with another app e.g. rv
  4. Anyone know how to stop CHOPs calculating everytime something upstream changes? Even if I remove it from the stream it halts houdini whilst it calculates.
  5. scratch that attributeOrient does do what I want
  6. A basic question I have some groom attributes on my rest geo, I then scatter based on density and so I want the groom attributes on the newly scattered points. I then attribute interpolate these points across to my animated geo. How do I get the groom attributes to follow across correctly too? I know the attributeOrient SOP does some of the work but not all. Any help appreciated. cheers
  7. If it's just falling snow then points do fine
  8. Match Toplogy SOP

    I'm being a donut. Just setting input A P to input 2 P is doing what I want.......
  9. Match Toplogy SOP

    I have two sets of geo - they have the same geo but the primnumbers have been changed in the second set. The Match Topology SOP does exactly what I want - which is to reorder the first inputs prims based on the second input, but it's very slow on a lot of data. Any clues as to how I can either a) speed it up or b ) build a quicker one? Tried using combinations of attribute copy/transfer and sort SOP but not to any success as yet. cheers
  10. Match Toplogy SOP

    Thanks Atom, That doesn't quite do what I want - the resulting geo does not match the deformed sim closely enough. This is because there's no useful frame to which I can freeze and make a rest. As I said - Match Toplogy SOP does what I want - it's just seriously slow once I start getting to the number of feathers I want to be matching. cheers
  11. Match Toplogy SOP

  12. Match Toplogy SOP

    I've run it through a Carbon Plumage sim, which has changed the prim order.
  13. Viewport Display Hair

    That didn't fix the problem - I've found restarting Houdini (or viewing in wireframe) to be the only way to deal with this at the moment
  14. Heya, Anyone had issues with the viewport display of the "Hair Generate" node? Thought I'd lost a load of work to find that it no longer displays unless viewing wireframe mode.
  15. Viewport Display Hair

    Nice one, thanks
  16. pop advect stopping at bound

    On the popadvectbyvolume dop change "Advection Type" from Update Velocity to Update Force. This will give you a different advection but it will not be constrained to the bounding.
  17. Python - Add Render Properties

    OK - I've got it thanks. import hou sel = hou.selectedNodes() for s in sel: group = s.parmTemplateGroup() folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate("folder", "myFolder") folder.addParmTemplate(hou.ToggleParmTemplate("vm_volumenormal", "Compute Normals for Volumes", 1)) group.append(folder) s.setParmTemplateGroup(group)
  18. Heya, I want to expose/add this property to my geometry node via python. Anyone know what's needed to do this? Just simply setting it's value (i.e. "1") via python doesn't work unless it is exposed.
  19. P and N AOVs

    hey folks, I'm trying to create a P (position) and N (normals) pass which doesn't show the "Forced Matte" objects in my mantra ROP. Any ideas if this is do-able?
  20. Anyone else feel like 16.5 crashes more frequently than previous builds? One way which can be replicated is hitting esc whilst creating a flipbook. This is quite annoying. 16.5.405, CentOS 7
  21. Ripples

    This is a good place to start http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Ripple_solver
  22. Particles & Attracting forces

    my mistake - sorry
  23. Particles & Attracting forces

    This might help you
  24. VEX quaternion to vectors

    I know, I know - it's a daft question but nonetheless..... matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); @orient = quaternion(m); will get you a quaternion value from a vector and an up. How do you reverse that?
  25. VEX quaternion to vectors

    nice one - thanks guys