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  1. Hello Houdini's and Arny's Sorry my company uses windows . Could you please help me, I try to set up the port for HtoA to look for a solidangle_LICENCE and what ever I do inside Houdini my environment variables are ignored or overwritten. (Please see the image attached) I would be very grateful if someone here could point me into the right direction of setting this variable for good. Thank You very much in advance, Burns htoa_license_diagnostics.txt
  2. Hey there Reny! I wonder if you found a solution to this problem? Update, I found a pretty neat solution, I will post and example file here soon.
  3. Camera Projection, for reflection

    I did not have enough points in my proxy geometry. All fixed now, thread can be closed. Thanks
  4. Hello ODforce, In this scene I try to project my backplate onto the floor through a constant shader, in order to catch reflections on a chrome sphere. My problem is, the space seems not right I imagine in the following picture the checker should be alighted u + v straight with the rendered image. Maybe you could help me figure this out. And while we are at it, I have found the visibility example scene in the houdini help files. Would it be possible to, cut the visibility of the floor object once its off camera, and let the hdri take over? Maybe even blend the transition from projected floor to hdri environment. I am more of a lurker here at ODforce, so hi everyone and thank you for all your posts! Burns