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  1. Hi all Sydney Houdini-ists I'm interested in starting a Houdini community user group in Sydney. Something casual somewhere in Sydney/CBD, that any interested person can come along, have a drink eat some food and talk about/share their Houdini stuff. All Houdini enthusiasts welcome, no matter your experience level or interests. Whether you're a SOPer, POPer, DOPer, COPer, ROPer, VOPer, Pythonist or HDK kind of guy/girl, it don't matter. Whatever area you use Houdini, VFX, Gaming, PreVis, Architectural, Medical...... or just for fun! If you're interested, drop me an email nick.sullivan.now@gmail.com Cheers
  2. cgal-bindings

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you've had any further or recent dealings with CGAL Python bindings and Houdini. thanks
  3. Hi All, I've come across this issue a couple of times, and found it really tricky to resolve. Luckily able to go back to a HIP file that was autosaved before the problem existed and had to rename the Houdini X.Y folder that's in the user directory, basically so Houdini will make a new one next it's run. Not an ideal solution, there must be a better way. So the problem stems from the following:- Say you select a node (built-in type), eg SOP/Attribute VOP, Right click and go to the Type Properties, Most of the options, eg. Parameters Tab - shows the message : Can't edit parameters for this operator However on the Scripts Tab - you can add python scripts, events... But when I add some python scripts, I get a message about spare parameters - ...Destroy Spare Parameters. Sorry can't remember exactly the message and options, don't want make changes because it'll cause havoc again. Anyway from what I could tell, Houdini seems to create a new definition for the edited node - sesi::temporary node I think that's what it was called, also appears to actually replace it with this. I couldn't find the original definition for the built-in Attribute VOP. In the TAB menu of nodes there's now 2 Attribute VOP's named as follows :- Attribute VOP(Digital Asset) empty Attribute VOP doesn't allow diving into it It seems I should be able to edit some aspects of the built-in nodes in this way via scripts, I must be doing something wrong or missing something. Also would love to know how to better resolve the node definition when being replaced by sesi::temporarynode... Any help would be great Thanks Nick
  4. Hi all, Regarding digital asset parameter pane tab. Can the parameter pane be replaced/switched with a Python panel. Can I make a custom Python panel appear in place of Houdini's standard parameter pane? A few thoughts - possible solutions: I realise I can have a Python panel seperate to the parameter pane, implicitly associated with an asset. I would imagine I can code the custom panel to be loaded/appear when the hda is created/selected. Also I guess a single button could be in the standard parameter pane that could be used to show the custom panel. Although these seem to be workable solutions, It would however be better and a more consistent workflow to find a solution that answers my initial question. Thanks for any help on this Nick
  5. Import python to source editor

    There is also the pythonrc.py file http://odforce.net/wiki/doku.php?id=sceneinitscripts
  6. Import Hou error

    Hi Is it still the case that the hou module can't be imported into an external ide and run, on Windows? Thanks
  7. Houdini python

    Hi Guys I realise this is an old post, but it seems the closest to my own issue. File "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 14.0.361\houdini\python2.7libs\hou.py", line 18, in <module> import _hou ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found. I found that _hou is effectively a python dll, so if I understand correctly that is the dll causing the error. From what Edward says above I think the problem maybe the compiler version used to create _hou? I did go down a track and found there are mismatch dlls : Houdini's - msvcr110.dll and Pycharms msvcr100.dll I have no idea how to resolve that if it is in fact the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Windows 7 Pro 64 Python 2.7.5 PyCharm 4.5 Community Houdini 14.0.361 Apprentice
  8. eetu's lab

    Hi Eetu, The work you've done on the Quadell is great. Can you share the source / papers of the math involved. Thanks
  9. GLSL SHOP Exemple ?

    I also would like to know how to achieve this Cheers Nick
  10. I'm getting the same error, output twice. As below. When rendering Flipbooks. Flipbook seems to be running fine, rendering frames but all I see is black, also right clicking in the FB window creates a visible glitch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Failed GLMakeCurrent with error 6: The handle is invalid. Failed GLMakeCurrent with error 6: The handle is invalid.