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  1. Lsystem Problem

    I don't know about him, but that helped me Thanks!
  2. Quick question about POP Rotation! Help!

    That was just the POP i was looking for! Solved my velocity oriented particle problem... Thanks!
  3. Sticky Problem

    I'm trying to solve this myself. Could you post a sample file? I got particles to stick, somewhat, by using a Ray SOP, but they do tend to jitter around when the surface deforms.
  4. Render Color And Alpha Attributes

    I'm having a seemingly related problem in H9. I'm trying to render out particle sprites using the particle's color and alpha. The Mantra:Sprite Procedural shader that mantra uses to render the particle is a geometry shader, and doesn't seem to have any color variables that I can drive. Would I have to create my own geometry shader with VEX? Thanks! ~Mike D.