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  1. How do I get this type of noise on a particle sim?

    i don't think your image loaded
  2. another animated vellum constraints inside dops question

    you are the best
  3. another animated vellum constraints inside dops question

    thanks Tomas! Any hints on how to create age based on my emitter so that the curves grow over time?
  4. hey ya'll, i'm trying to animate the restscale of each emitted hair strand based on age but i'm currently stuck because "@restscale" is erroring out on the vellumconstraintproperty inside the dopnet. any ideas would be great! thank you! chris anim_rest_scale_age_v001.hip
  5. If I remember correctly, you have to put the animated group (must be primitives) between the vellum constraints and the solver and within the solver you need to actively update the constraints coming from the second input. I believe an entagma tutorial on patreon goes into this into further detail on animating vellum constraints. If you were using a dopnet, you would use a solver inside the network to update the incoming constraints. Hope that helps!
  6. Understanding Solver SOP

    Hey! I'm not sure I understand the effect you would like to make but a solver completes all of your processes and then at the next frame, the input is where it left off from the previous frame and so on. This is probably why you feel like the amplitude is getting multiplied/doubled? Cg wiki has some good examples of useful ways to use a solver: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop
  7. vellum pin to target - arcade ticket machine

    oooh i like your idea of using stitches and velocity to shoot the tickets out! very cool, thank you!
  8. I know their are already a lot of threads on this topic but I can't seem to find one that matches my situation. Maybe i'm approaching this all wrong by using pin to target to begin with. I would like to create a raffle machine type effect where a very long stream of tickets come out of a slot into a box. Right now I am using pin to target with a geowrangle inside the vellum solver to change the stiffness value to a low number as the tickets enter the box. if i make the stiffness value a really tiny value this will work and prevent the tickets from getting pulled into the side of the box but it seems like i could take a better approach. any ideas? thanks in advance! lottery2.hip
  9. animating wire constraints

    I used the wire solver and hard constraints with "Set Always" enabled so the constrains will get updated as I delete them later in the sim. wires_v003.hip
  10. animating wire constraints

    nevermind, i figured it out. thanks anyway!
  11. animating wire constraints

    Hey everyone, I am animating wires using the wire solver but I would like to add a bit of control so i can remove the constraints allowing some pieces to fall as i choose. I read through the constraint network houdini wiki page but I'm still having trouble. Any help would be great! Thank you! wires_v002.hip
  12. magnet force on two directions

    thanks guys, those both worked!
  13. magnet force on two directions

    hello! I am having trouble making gravity work in two directions. Basically the world is a tube and I want objects to magnet/have a gravity like force along the Z and Y axis but not on the X axis. I attached my hip file and a picture. Any help would be great! Thank you! tube_attractor.hip
  14. copy stamp question

    sounds like you want to copy onto the center of each primitive, not each point?
  15. vex equivalent of the complement sop

    ah, good to know. thank you!