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  1. magnet force on two directions

    thanks guys, those both worked!
  2. magnet force on two directions

    hello! I am having trouble making gravity work in two directions. Basically the world is a tube and I want objects to magnet/have a gravity like force along the Z and Y axis but not on the X axis. I attached my hip file and a picture. Any help would be great! Thank you! tube_attractor.hip
  3. copy stamp question

    sounds like you want to copy onto the center of each primitive, not each point?
  4. vex equivalent of the complement sop

    ah, good to know. thank you!
  5. hello! Does anyone know the vex equivalent of a complement sop? I know you can do 1 minus a normalized value but I can't seem to find the name of the vex function that handles this. Chris
  6. Hey everyone! I've been digging through the forum but quite haven't found something that will help me get this effect i'm trying to achieve. i'm trying to work on an setup where I have particles stuck on a deforming grid and the particles become unstuck as they inherit velocity in Y(sop solver) and then with gravity they come back down. my current setup might be too complicated because it's proving very difficult to control. i am using a popnet where particles stick to the collider geo and become unstuck with a sopsolver "if (@Cd.r > .1){ @stuck = 0; }" does anyone have ideas on how to simplify the setup? is this something that the grain solver would be better at handling? thanks everyone! waveRipple_v003.hip
  7. Promote Expression value to attribute ?

    can you please post an example of what you are specifically trying to do?
  8. Trigger an animation

    Thanks Jamie! Yep, that's exactly what I ended up doing. For some reason I thought it would be more complicated than that
  9. Trigger an animation

    Has anyone had luck trying to trigger an animation based upon a value like color? If a primitive turns red ~ trigger an alembic animation cache to play. Does that sound like something chops would handle?
  10. painting maps on cloth object

    nevermind, I figured it out by editing the solidFracture sop. thanks anyway!
  11. painting maps on cloth object

    Hey guys, I am trying to have an object burst through a cloth object but was hoping I could paint maps to control where the paper will tear. Does anyone have experience with this? Should the map go into the Fracturing Threshold or the Target Stiffness? I attached my scene. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks so much Chrisclothtear_rnd_cr_v005.hip
  12. particles going through geometry

    ok, thank you for the information!
  13. particles going through geometry

    hey everyone, I'm working on a boat wake sim and some of the particles are going through my geo. I setup my geo with vdb to make it airtight but still some particles are getting through and doing some weird things. is it possible to kill off any particles that get inside? i attached my script, thanks to anyone who is able to take a look! chris oceanwake.zip
  14. first boat wake

    oh yea, that sounds pretty easy! thanks!
  15. first boat wake

    Ohh yep, I watched this a few weeks ago and thought it was super helpful but it would give me a lot more information than I needed since all I need is a flat layer. Is it possible to cut off the bottom layer of the geo once it is done (i'm rendering from inside the ocean looking up)