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  1. Convolution curve

    I saw this HDA demo from Kim Goosens circa 2012, where it takes any smooth input curve and outputs a straight edge or angled curve with angle shaping controls Anyone have any insights as to how you might go about recreating this? Especially interested in the parts towards the end where he switches between angled curves and straight edges, with control over the angle of the curve The closest I can get is doing a linear resample and quantising/snapping to grid, which gives an okay result but it is limited to the nearest snap point or rounded integer, there isnt any actual control over overall edge angle, like for instance I would like to be able to set a global curve angle, so curves can only be 90 degrees along an axis or say 60 degrees, or increments of 15 degrees, etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPy4U0eGQ0Q&t=1s
  2. I was looking for something like this as well...is there a way to extract the node from the sop chain without breaking the wiring? like alt+cntrl+X in Nuke
  3. Creating netboxes with python

    I'm trying to create network boxes with padding in python However I'm having problems getting the padding to be even and constant on all sides. I can recreate the built in functionality with fitAroundContents(), but I cant figure out how to correctly figure out the bounding rect from that and then expand it evenly on all sides. I think this is partially because I'm not correctly calculating the center point from sel.position Here is my code so far (my python knowledge is very basic). Any help is much appreciated! sel = hou.selectedNodes()[0] all = hou.selectedNodes() pos = sel.position() parent = sel.parent() box = parent.createNetworkBox() box.setPosition(sel.position()) # add selected nodes for node in all: box.addItem(node) # set color box.setColor(hou.Color(0.3, 0.3, 0.3)) # fit box box.fitAroundContents() # fit box size = box.size() center = box.position() pad = hou.Vector2(2, 2) # set bounding box bbox = hou.BoundingRect((center[0]-size[0])-pad[0], (center[1]-size[1])-pad[1], (center[0]+size[0])+pad[0], (center[1]+size[1])+pad[1]) # set to bbox box.setBounds(bbox)
  4. I'm running houdini on windows and have been using \ in my file paths without issue, then out of nowhere houdini stopped recognizing backslashes as a valid file path, so it broke all my file paths, even in older files this is irrrelevant of the $JOB or $HIP variable, even setting that it will not recognize the path until I change all my \ slashes to / slashes. Even though in the same scene earlier it was working fine, Is this a preference that got corrupted or something? Any help fixing this or any help with a python script to recursively change all back slashes to forward slashes would be very much appreciated
  5. customizing netbox creation and other UI commands

    This is a great starting point but I cant figure out how to get the network box to resize to selected nodes, like the default behavior does currently the bounding box is hard coded, how would I code it to resize to fit all the selected nodes on creation? Thanks!
  6. customizing netbox creation and other UI commands

    awesome! This is a great starting point, thanks for that
  7. There are a few quality of life things I would like to customize in houdini but I'm not sure if its possible If you create a network box in houdini it makes it completely snug around your nodes and I am constantly having to immediately resize it and reposition everything, In nuke I have it set up to auto-create backdrops with 200px or so padding automatically, is this possible in Houdini? This problem is made worse due to houdini will automatically select the network box and all its contents if your mouse goes anywhere over the title bar. So if you are drag selecting nodes across several network boxes it will select the entire contents of all of them. Again Nuke handles this way better, it will only select the entire network box if you drag select over the entire thing, or specifically click on the title bar The second part I dont have much hope for but is there any python solution to create netboxes with padding, and maybe further customization? EDIT - Also looking to set some defaults when creating new scene views
  8. "square" scatter

    I gave it a go. theres more than 1 way to skin a cat, but you can hack the points from volume sop to make irregular blocks Also included a recursive subdivision option, its an OTL I made myself though so I didnt include it, you can find many threads about it on here though as stated above, you will always get hols trying to fit square object into a non-square boundary. trick is to fill it up recursively in the gaps so that it becomes so dense you will never see it object_packing_city_road.hip
  9. MTL To Redshift Material

    this is brilliant and works great, thanks for making this I was using this to bring in some archviz models that had like 30-40 materials each so I modified it slightly to automatically promote all the RS_material parameters so you can mass change them all at once without having to dive in and out of materials hundreds of times. Also a lot of the material settings in other DCC apps do not translate at all to redshift settings, so this helps solve that as well pretty much just 1 line of code per vop- rs_mat.insertParmGeneratorsForAllInputs(hou.vopParmGenType.Parameter,True)
  10. soft transform crash

    Is it just me or is soft transform sop completely broken? As soon as I create it, instant crash. Both in network view and from the viewport This has been the case for as long as I can remember...since h14 even, across multiple machines, linux, windows, different builds, same deal currently running 16.5.439, but it seems the problem persists across versions
  11. this seems like a bug, when I am viewing my scene through a camera I created and select any object level node in the network view with the visibility flag on, it will switch to the default perspective camera (No cam), similar to if I didnt have the lock viewport button on and tried to move the camera in the viewport Anyone else having this issue? Running 16.5.439
  12. Orient Along Organic Surface?

    Has anyone been able to implement this using packed prims? Making physical copies of geometry like this is way too taxing for what Im trying to do (city creation) Been bashing my head against the wall trying to figure this out, biggest issue is I have some square geometry and some non-square base geometry, currently trying to calculate @scale (going into a copy to points) based on the length of each side of the polygon but I don't really know the math and am stuck Another approach I tried and failed at was implementing what you guys did here with reading the uv intrinsic and tried applying that to setprimintrinsic() but couldnt figure it out, any help here would be amazing
  13. So I know all about deep compositing in theory but in actual implementation I can find almost no info on this topic - What is the current workflow within houdini to output deep compositing images to comp in Nuke? I don't need to do anything super fancy or crazy, I just need deep data to output a super accurate depth pass to do highly photoreal depth of field in comp with pgBokeh, as I need all the lense artifacting and chromatic abberation that you can't get out of in camera DOF in mantra It involves super fine semi-transparent strands and hair and stuff like that, so any caveats I should be aware of? Does houdini's current implementation of EXR support deep data or do I need to use a .RAT file or something? Also I really just need it for depth of field so is it possible to render just a separate deep data utility pass with just the depth info and not a million other AOV's embedded in it to save on disk space, or does the beauty have to be rendered with deep data in order to work correclty? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. That is great, exactly what I have been after for some time now, however is that a 16.5 file? Doesnt work in 16.0.557, point wrange is pointing to nonexistent parameters
  15. Orienting copied objects

    The copy SOP has a heirarchy of attributes it reads in, orient being the foremost, N and up if orient is not present, etc. N alone is not enough to define orientation in most cases, usually you pair it with an up vector attribute as well http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini16.0/copy/instanceattrs You can use a polyframe SOP to generate N and up attribs from curves pillar_orientation_roof_FIX.hip