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  1. it seems to work here with 100x100 subdivisions
  2. Just a guess: have your tried reversing the normals on the mirrored object?
  3. Mushroom Gills

    thank you very much konstantin ... that is nice and probably more than sufficient to what i am after ... i thought about particles emitting from the inside, splicing into different paths and turning that into geometry, but that is probably way too much ...
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone have a clue on how to create the gills of a mushroom ? ideally fully procedural with varying mushroom shapes obove i am looking for something like this : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e9/Lamellen.jpg so it should be uneven, have a fine structure fine, be polygons .... thanks and greetings asche
  5. Effectors for Groups?

    thanks for the help a colleague managed to make this effect for me now ... so, i want to pin this information file (obj) name (name from group , mask *) pack (attribute "name") primitivevop (ramp in Cd) primtiive (scale with @Cd.r)
  6. Effectors for Groups?

    hmmm thats what i am wondering : what is a good way to artistically controll such things ... e.g. 1000 objects in a row, i want to controll the scale with a spline ramp that runs through the objects like a wave...
  7. Hello ... for a project i need thos very hip effectors like in Cinema or now in Maya Mash But i want to deform many indivdual objects, not many copies/clones, therefore no stamping... so for example you have a scene layout with many small different objects (from maya) and i want a "wave" to go through the scene, deforming the individual objects (or groups in an obj), scaling them, randomly rotating and so on can anyone explain how to do that effect (watched the videos about effectors from Rohan Dalvi already but i am missing some basic houdini knowledge)