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  1. Fixed! but thanks for replying:) The problem was that I had to put the procedural shader on another (empty) geometry for rendering, because it was replicating itself (I think). I don't know why it worked in render view (both preview mode off and on) thought. The amount of particles compared to the size was also an issue, though I'm not sure why and I fixed that by tweaking to find the right values.
  2. Hi, I'm using the procedural point replicate and it's working fine when I render in the render view, even if I turn off Preview mode, but when I try to render to MPlay or disk it just renders black. I have 8 million points and it doesn't work with replicating just 2 times either, so it doesn't seem like a memory issue. It feels like I'm missing something very important.. Thanks!
  3. Far clipping plane problem

    Project's long done and everybody's happy:) I sort of fixed it in the end by just cleaning up my scene. I had the SOPs where I created the geometry still in the scene but hidden, and when I deleted them for scene readability purposes it was fixed.
  4. Far clipping plane problem

    Sorry for my messiness and I replaced my geo with spheres for convenience. copytest.rar
  5. Far clipping plane problem

    Correction: I have the problem with another shot as well
  6. Far clipping plane problem

    The far clipping divided by the near clipping. I the settings on .1 and 100,000. However, I have to admit, that for some reason it started working now:P I think I only changed the position of the arealight in my scene, but I had the problem for a longer time and with another shot as well. I still don't know what happened:/
  7. Hi, I (think I) have a problem with my far clipping plane. My render doesn't catch the objects in the back while I do see them in my viewport. I am aware of the 1 to million ratio that I can't exceed, but my objects are about 70 units away so I don't see why that should be a problem. Help:(
  8. Falling Bag with Cloth

    Oh wow, thanks:) that looks great! I haven't tried the grain solver yet, but seems like I really should. I still don't know why the wind force didn't work, but I ended up using a uniform force with a noise field, which worked allright for the purpose.
  9. Falling Bag with Cloth

    Hi, I'm trying to make a plastic bag that's falling. The first time I tried a while ago it worked by just having an initial force to disturb it a little bit, but now I can't seem to achieve the same effect. I've tried with a wind force with high frequency as well, but it still falls like a paper and keeps it's original shape instead of having a nice flow like a paper bag would. How should I approach this? Should I try working with a velocity field? Is my model causing a problem? Thanks in advance! bag.hipnc
  10. Hi, I'm trying to go through the wole RBD sim workflow for the first time. I'm trying to get my debris working now and I have the DOP Import Records method working for importing my impact data, but I'd prefer to get the Impact Analysis method working. The $T>$IMPACTTIME expression doesn't work though and I have no idea what could be wrong. :/