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  1. Graphing bitcoin in Houdini with python

    You can use Anaconda (https://www.continuum.io/downloads) to get a more robust Python, with more libraries including requests, this is a data science package, so if you feel adventurous, you can play around and get more data into Houdini. Cheers, P.D. Anaconda also includes a terminal that supports pip command.
  2. Save as

    Nice Thanks for your help John.
  3. Save as

    No really, I forgot to said that the current session should not be affected, so if I use save(), the session will became the new file, that's why I am looking into a "save as" functionality.
  4. Save as

    Hi, Someone know how to use "save as" in Pyhton? Note: I'm looking for the same functionality as the "save as" under file drop menu. Therefore saveAsBackup() is not ideal. Thanks,
  5. List users using licenses

    Hi John Thanks for you reply, I indeed end it up using sesictrl -i, putting that information in a file and parsing the file to grab the specific information. Thanks,
  6. List users using licenses

    Hi, I am trying to get a list of users per licenses, I am getting some ideas but all seems too complicated, so I just wonder if someone know a nice and simple way to do this? Thanks, Carlos
  7. Hi, addAttribute in the VOP nodes has change in Houdini 14, before you were able to setup a variable with addAttribute but now you need to use bindExport (I might be wrong so please let me know if I am). The problem for me now is if I want to use the bindExport to modify the "Cd" attribute into a "if-then-block" node it doesn't let me do it (before I was able to do it with the addAttribute node). Could someone help me to find a way for this to work, please? Thanks
  8. Problem creating bubbles in a splashTank

    Thanks for your answer Atom, I was able to make it work ... I had to do a bit of research of how those flip tanks work so then I can modified to make it work as I want it ... so what I finally did was to make a POP with some spheres, then attached to them a density attribute, then I modify the tank on the "wavetank" node and the nodes that received that information on the simulation (speed and boundary informaion) this allowed the tank to update every frame, therefor it can see the particles and the change on the density. Hope this post help someone else who may have the same issue. Thanks.
  9. Problem creating bubbles in a splashTank

    I had tried all different methods (really frustrated ) but it seems that you can't do bubbles into a splashTank. So now what I would like to ask for is if someone has already done something like bubbles or something like some kind of turbulence within a specific part of the splashTank, that could give me a hint or clue on how can I approach to this problem I will really appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I kind of new into Houdini, I been study by my own for almost one year ... The problem that I'm facing right now is that I can not make the bubbles to work into a splash tank (I need it in a splash tank due that is part of a scene that is using splash Tank), I creating a variable for the density and transfer that value with some particles. the setup works fine with a FlipTank but once I tried with the splash tank it stop working, I have also try RBD collision but it didn't work as expected. I'll really appreciate any help that you can give or if you have a better way to approach in how to make bubble in the splash tank I'll be more than happy to hear it. Thanks. Carlos