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  1. Hello everyone. I have a long sequence where changes happen in the geometry, I have an attribute that changes to 1 whenever the geometry change happens. I would like to store which frames the attribute jumps to 1 in something like an array, does anyone know whether this is possible in VEX? and if so how? I hope I am clear enough in what I want.
  2. Hello everyone, I am working with volumetric capture data and would like to have points scattered on it that moves with the data but also doesn't chang every frame. The issue is that the geometry, primitive number and uv's keep changing every frame. So I can't do the same trick I can do with mocap data using the primuv attributes. Anyone have any experience with this and how I should handle it?
  3. Hi, I recently simulated whitewater for my fluid sim. The fluid sim loads fine, but for some reason the whitewater sim gets an "unable to read file" error in the whitewater_import node, when I go into the node I can trace the error back to the "Read_back" Node which says it's unable to read the file. I even put the sim into another folder D:/home/Whitewater.$F.bgeo It still doesn't work I hope someone can help me, I've been trying to render this thing for a month now. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I wanted to train my Houdini so I followed a quick tutorial. It required me to take a sphere and apply billowy smoke to it. It immediately fails and turns into a big smoke box. The resize_container node has an error named Init_dynamic Python error and name hou is not defined. I hope someone knows how to solve this. I really want to learn Houdini. Thanks in advance.