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  1. Rendering volumes

    Yeah it worked,thanks for the Cool info there
  2. Rendering volumes

    Hey Sierra62 ,the page you have sent about pbr theory is not shown or invalid,Can you resend it again?
  3. Rendering volumes

    I used skylight for lighting the volume
  4. Rendering volumes

    I unselected the preview off and it worked like a charm,thanks for the tips guys .Id like to know about pbr it seems intresting one ,can any one help me by giving a brief about it
  5. Rendering volumes

    Thanks for the info guys but its not working,I did upload the file.Please kindly check it . Volume.hip
  6. Rendering volumes

    Im getting lot of points while rendering volumes(mantra).Can any one help me with this
  7. attrib wrangle sop

    Thank you rayman
  8. attrib wrangle sop

    im confused!!! can anyone help me with this string name = prim(0, "name", @primnum); is 0 a primitive ? is it assigning "name" variable to the @primnum of primitive 0?
  9. attrib wrangle sop

    Thank you Magneto
  10. attrib wrangle sop

    Hi guys,Anyone can help me in understanding the process of execution of this code ] setpointattrib(geoself(),"name",newpt, name); removeprim(geoself(),@primnum, 1);