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  1. water man Effects

    To achieve waterman like Narnia you have to take in account alot of factors. First off is the scale, scale has to be real life so your sim might end being somewhat heavy. For the shape you can control the fluid velocity using point normals from the source geometry. You might have to edit those normals to look towards the direction you want the fluid to flow. For more intricate artistic controls like facial features, you might want to try using pumps to direct the fluid.
  2. My goal is to solve using finite solver for each copied geometry. Within my scene, I simply copied geo onto a sphere( the sphere itself uses finite solver), and then I would like each copied sphere to interact with one another while, at the same time, being driven by the main spheres FEM animation. In other words, I want to constrain the copied spheres to their points while each one of them interacts with one another. Any suggestions or fixes to my setup? Thanks! FEM_foreachcopy.hipnc