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  1. node = objecttoolutils.genericTool(scriptargs, nodetypename, nodename, clicktoplace) genericTool is part of the objecttoolutils module
  2. replace node = objecttoolutils.genericCameraLightTool(kwargs, 'hlight', 'spotlight1', False) with node = genericTool(scriptargs, nodetypename, nodename, clicktoplace)
  3. houdini can't load dylib[MAC]

    what error messages are you getting? Run Houdini from console using: export HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR=2
  4. Digital assets and textures

    Operator Type Properties > Extra Files Then use opdef: to reference the file. More info here: https://www.orbolt.com/asset-guidelines
  5. GEO_Point is deprecated, use offsets. GB is also depracated. GA_Offset ptoff; GA_FOR_ALL_GROUP_PTOFF(gdp, gapointgroup, ptoff) { }
  6. Houdini Mantra and The Book of Life

    Spanish grammar: "La Dia de los Muertos" should be: "Dia de los Muertos" or "El Dia de los Muertos"
  7. Spam!

    There's been an influx of spam in the forum.
  8. Inspired by Renderman's community website, I tried to replicate the industrial and basic glass materials with Mantra. The scenes still need tweaking but I ran out of time. Would anyone be interested in a Mantra procedural materials challenge?
  9. when the object hits the ground?
  10. ignore user?

    That's for ignoring the signature:
  11. free renderman is out

    Apprentice: For students the situation is just silly, create a scene in Houdini export it to Maya and then render it using a third-party render. Meaning students can't get to use/learn the really nice third-party tools that are better integrated in Houdini. Speculation: mid-small studios and freelancers that already own a full version of another 3D package and don't want another one?
  12. free renderman is out

    How can we convince SESI to open up third-party renders for indie and/or apprentice?
  13. free renderman is out

    mantra is just as powerful and free for some time now but it lacks materials, tutorials, documentation and community creating a website dedicated for mantra shouldn't be hard. mantrarender.com is available
  14. free renderman is out

    Some cool test/material scenes here: https://community.renderman.pixar.com/article/resources.html
  15. Perfect thank you. I couldn't find them at first because I was expecting the name of the method to have a "get". Here are the methods: gdp->vertexPoint() gdp->vertexPrimitive() gdp->pointVertex() gdp->vertexToPrevVertex() gdp->vertexToNextVertex() gdp->getVertexReferencingPoint() gdp->getVerticesReferencingPoint()