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  1. I got an array of point numbers int searchPts[] = [0, 1, 2, 3] that I want to pass into the pcfind function as a ptgroup so it only operates on those points. How do I convert this to a string of "0 1 2 3"? Is this how I should even approach it? pcfind(<geometry>geometry, string ptgroup, string Pchannel, vector P, float radius, int maxpoints) Thanks!
  2. Test - How to delete a post?

    Test. How do you delete a post? Can't seem to find an option on the website.
  3. fps in the viewport?

    I know this is a 17 year old thread but google throws this on top for certain searches so might as well reply: hit D in viewport for Display Properties | Guides | Additional Information | Show Time (ON)
  4. Shake For Only $499

    Shake is dead, Long Live HALO!
  5. Apis

    "You can load Houdini scenes directly into Maya, manipulate anything in that scene, and Maya will not know or care that the data comes from another application." Sounds like a great thing to me. Can't wait to see it.
  6. $ch Call Selected Channel Name Via Script

    hey edward, yup - selecting the channel in the channel editor | graphMode Any chance I could select it somewhere else to be able to call for it in a script?
  7. Hi Folks Im trying to make myself a shortcut, so I could quickly template a channel(s) selected in the chEditor. chaneditor -t `$CH` (paneName) but the $CH variable returns 0. How should I call for the name of the selected channel? still a newbie thanx for your help