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  1. Stiffness generally comes from the Elasticity tab in in the Wire Object. Play about with the Angular Spring Constant and Angular Damping Constant. Edit* These are called Bend Spring and Bend Damping in the Guide Simulate. You can also create attributes on the curves before the sim to help define the shape, kangular, width ect Definitely look at the Wire Object section within the Houdini Help sheet, gives you some useful info on exactly what you're talking about.
  2. Hi guys, Recently started to learn more on Houdini's Fluids and Ocean tools. Any idea what could be causing the white speckles & weird stretching thing? Maybe its not deep enough, just thinking about it. Edit - Its not the foam solver. Test https://vimeo.com/131536792
  3. Hi, Still learning Houdini and I was just wondering if I'm doing the right workflow. Focussing on Houds' fluids, I want to recreate the NASA's Orion capsule landing in the ocean. Reference https://youtu.be/y-bzD_dGhP0?t=25s Fluid wise, would it be something on the lines of this. - Sim (Capsule) landing in a Flip tank or Splash tank to get splash detail/collision (which one?) - Ocean Spectrum on both a large grid and the initial tank to merge the tank with the ocean Anything I should change or add? Thanks guys
  4. Yea its definitely a scale problem, thanks ikarus
  5. Imported FBX with geo and cam. Playing around with the Cloud Shelf Tool, when I render from the imported cam my clouds seem really low quality. Made a new camera, renders fine. just wondering why its doing this. Thanks
  6. Seperating density/velocity/temperature grids is something I definitely want to try but right now its uncharted territory for me. Thanks Diego, getting there sim by sim. Getting some high values. Any ideas on how I can achieve more detail in my dust? Update on a shot Still some issues but I'm really happy with this update. Thanks guys
  7. Using particles to drive the Velocity, seem to be getting a sneaky effect with my smoke. https://vimeo.com/122274405 Any ideas around/improve this to a give a more 'helicopter landing' look. Something more fluid and faster. https://youtu.be/hlYldPlmHQ4?t=30s Thanks guys
  8. Thanks Jake, Thats pretty much what I'm doing. I'm using a circle on the ground to emit the particles. Simulated the particles and then used them to drive the movement of the dust. Update is above
  9. I'm playing around with a SOP geo and a Gas Particle To Field node. I'm transferring the velocity from the particles to the smoke but it seems too much and the smoke is flying by and not forming the shape of the particles. Any clue on how I could use the particles to drive the smoke? https://vimeo.com/119376161 Sim'd particles on the left. What I'm aiming for http://youtu.be/hlYldPlmHQ4?t=31s Help file and simulation of particles are in the .rar file. Thanks guys helicopterLandningHelp.rar
  10. Could I use these particles as a velocity source or a source for my smoke? Am I on the right tracks? helicopterLanding_01.hipnc
  11. Been trying some other way to simulate the dust. https://vimeo.com/119008702 This is just a test, scale, velocity, movement ect. all needs work on. All I'm really doing is pushing some smoke into the ground with a high Velocity. It seems to work. Am I on the right tracks to achieving a good look? Is there a way to get rid of the emitter (sphere)? Is there a way to only show the smoke when it hits the ground? And not when its coming down from the emitter? Any help would be awesome, thanks! helicopterLanding.hipnc
  12. Hi I'm new to Houdini and I'm wondering if any of you guys have advice on creating the dust from below a landing helicopter. http://youtu.be/wtNdK5gBqwE?t=23s Not as much as that as my effect will be on concrete. I've tried so far by using a Billowy Smoke pyro and only emitting from the X and Z axis. Then pushed up the velocity. Doesn't quite get the look. ignore the particles! Im sure this a horrible way of doing it, just using what I've learnt so far. Thanks.
  13. Hi khedkarsanto, Cheers for the help, trying that out now. Thanks
  14. Thanks iamyog, I was actually trying to volume with VOP, still messing with it now. I was thinking I could play about with a very slow smoke sim, thin it out and see how it would look like. Think it will work? Any other solutions come to mind to create that sort of look?
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