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  1. FLIP Divergence

    Great tips, guys, thank you!
  2. FLIP Divergence

    Hey guys, I'm trying to use divergence with flip but things get kinda unstable. I'm using only the point attribute, should I use a volume field as well somehow? Thx FLIP_Divergence_v0100.hip
  3. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Thank you very much, guys The Planar Patch from Curves was exactly what I was looking for in the beginning although Fred's example gave me some great insides! Still a lot of work to make it good but its going were i want Leaf_v0111.hip
  4. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Actually its not working for what I need. I need to have the exactly same edges, no more then what i have in the lines thing. Just like this (but this one is fake) so I can select the primitives individually to do some things
  5. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Nice, thx Atom (once again!) I like the one with the divide better since I need to keep those base lines
  6. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Sup guys, What would be the best way to create a mesh from these lines? Scene file attached Leaf_v0102.hip
  7. FLIP - pprevious attribute - What is it?

    Alright, thank you
  8. FLIP - pprevious attribute - What is it?

    At first I thought it was the previous position of the particle but it looks like its the exact same position. Does anyone can explain this? Thanks
  9. Disable (some) FLIP Particles

    I love when I ask here and then I have a thousand ideas just cause I asked it here. So theres this attribute called stopped. i@stopped = 1; makes that set of particles to stay steady
  10. Disable (some) FLIP Particles

    Hey guys, Is there a simple way to disable some particles from the simulation like i'd do with RBD? I have a set of particles inside a group and I need them to be stopped at same position but still interacting with the other particles. Does it makes sense? The group is animated I tried setting v=0 but it doesnt work as expected. I did another trick inside a sop solver to get the position from the previews frame so it stays static but then I cant use the resample. Im just wondering if theres a a simple way like like an attribute the would make them sleep. Cheers, Alvaro
  11. Procedural Scale

    Hey kulboys, probably yeah. Can we see your file though? It all depend on your code I guess
  12. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    This is awesome, now it makes perfect sense. It couldn't be more clear Thank you very much Now I'll try some complex examples to see how it goes thx!
  13. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Thx Jiri, I can see the array attribute now Nice, your website looks useful! thx for sharing it all I still cant get some things into my mind but I'm already understanding it way better then before. So, you said: foreach(int point ; points) // the above line creates a temporary variable, single integer "point" // we already have points //the above line creates a temporary variable, single integer"point" what is this variable? what it does in the setpointattrib? For me it looks like the the point variable is just getting the values of the pcfind as well (is it? it looks weird now that its written)
  14. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Jiri, this is perfect, thank you very much! I might have some other questions later but right now what comes to my mind is: can I see the points attribute, like what im getting from pcfind? I tried to make it like i@points[] = pcfind... but it gives m an error
  15. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Thx Jiri! The example from cgwiki looks awesome, I'll check it right now