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  1. Procedural Scale

    Hey kulboys, probably yeah. Can we see your file though? It all depend on your code I guess
  2. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    This is awesome, now it makes perfect sense. It couldn't be more clear Thank you very much Now I'll try some complex examples to see how it goes thx!
  3. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Thx Jiri, I can see the array attribute now Nice, your website looks useful! thx for sharing it all I still cant get some things into my mind but I'm already understanding it way better then before. So, you said: foreach(int point ; points) // the above line creates a temporary variable, single integer "point" // we already have points //the above line creates a temporary variable, single integer"point" what is this variable? what it does in the setpointattrib? For me it looks like the the point variable is just getting the values of the pcfind as well (is it? it looks weird now that its written)
  4. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Jiri, this is perfect, thank you very much! I might have some other questions later but right now what comes to my mind is: can I see the points attribute, like what im getting from pcfind? I tried to make it like i@points[] = pcfind... but it gives m an error
  5. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    Thx Jiri! The example from cgwiki looks awesome, I'll check it right now
  6. VEX - foreach - I don't get it

    So I got this from entagma, I think it's simple enough for a starting point. It works just like an attribute transfer: vector pos = point(1, "P" , 0); int points[] = pcfind(0 , "P" , pos , ch("radius") , 300); foreach(int point ; points) { setpointattrib(0 , "Cd" , point , {1,0,0}); } The forach part starts at 6:20 and I transcripted what Moritz says: I feel like it sounds dumb but i think i need to understand the very basic concept of this. So we have foreach(int point ; points) - what does the first (int point) and the second element (points) does? int point is the number of points I have and the foreach will run points for each one of the points?
  7. Hey guys, I never got how does a foreach works in vex (at all!), can someone please explain me this? It does the same thing as the For-Each Loop node?
  8. Best way to mask velocity volume

    Hey Skybar, thanks for the setup. With all the sticknotes this is a trully advanced VDB class
  9. source flip fluid with velocity

    Hey Nicola, Cant you just set the v to be equal N? the Flip source should get the v attribute from the original geo Im still on H16 though so Im not sure how it would behave on H17
  10. copy low res position to hi res

    Ah, the dopimport must be set to Creat Points to Represent Objects
  11. copy low res position to hi res

    Hey, you can use a Transform pieces instead
  12. Bullet: Activate on Collisions or Start Sleeping

    Hey guys, I think the best option here would be to make the objects start sleeping. Just create an attribute i@bullet_sleeping = 1; (at sop level) Start_Sleep_v100.hiplc
  13. H17 breaking soft constraints

    Impossible not read it in your voice, Keith. lol
  14. Create multiple FEM over time?

    hey @Animatect, right now i'm much into vellum. Have seen it's freaking amazing speed?
  15. Vellum Super Rigid Constraints

    Thx Vusta, but it looks like the pearls would bend under pressure