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  1. Simple Ragdoll Setup

    Thx noobini It gets messy when I try to get rid of the Walk (Crowd State node), when I disable the node. I was trying to keep just the ragdoll crowd state. This is not really a issue though, i was just trying to keep the setup organized
  2. Simple Ragdoll Setup

    Hi guys, I'm working on a ragdoll setup where the characters are just falling. There's no transition between states. I did it pretty much from the shelf and now I'm stucked. Here's a couple of thing's i'd like to do: 01 - Get rid of the Walk State. Right now my setup have a Walk and Ragdoll State and I'm using a trigger to change states right on the first frame. It's working but can I keep this setup clean without this useless state? If I switch off the Walk state the characters get super messy and I have no idea why. My knowledge on crowds is really limited btw 02 - Custom Character. How can I put a character from Mixamo? I rigged this custom character there but coudn't make it work like the Mocap Biped 1 (I'll make a file showing the issue later. Can't share the one I have now) 03 - Mix some different models. I haven't even tried this and I have no idea on where to start. (Solved) 04 - Control the bounciness and friction of the ragdolls - the parameters can be controlled on the crowdobject 05 - Add initial random velocity for the limbs. Right now they're too rigid before they hit the ground Any of the questions answered would be really helpful on this work. Thank you RnD_0103.hiplc
  3. FBX Ragdoll Issue (bones disconnect)

    I'm having the same problem. Did anyone found a solution?
  4. Vellum Peel

    Hahahaha nice!!
  5. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Awesome. Thx!
  6. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Coool, thank you! Just one more question. About the SOP merge Field nodes. We did you multiplied the Source Pre-Mult by -1 on the collision but not on the collision vel?
  7. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Pavel, the smoke is actually colliding with something on my setup. Do you know what is it? Is it just the vellum points?
  8. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Thats fantastic. Its actually exactly what I was looking for when I got here.
  9. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Ok, so i had an idea and its working. Just a pop advect by volume works perfectly RnD_0101_clean.hip
  10. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Any ideas on how to make the smoke influence the cloth sphere while the sphere influence the smoke? Scene file is attached. Thx Any RnD_0100.hip
  11. Drive Particles from Point A to Point B

    Thats absolutelly what i was looking for, thank you very much!
  12. Drive Particles from Point A to Point B

    Thats awesome, JO!! I'll let you know as soon as I put my hands on it
  13. Drive Particles from Point A to Point B

    That looks promising, JO, thank you very much. I dont have the time to give it try right now but I'll need this in a couple of days Cheers, Alvaro
  14. Drive Particles from Point A to Point B

    Hey guys, how can I do something like this but within a pop network? Thx
  15. FLIP Divergence

    Great tips, guys, thank you!