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  1. Flip Collison with thin layer

    Maybe you can reverse the collision direction with the invert sign?
  2. caching out sims and render

    Hey Olly This is what I do. Super easy and fast to setup Multiple_Cache_Render_0100.hiplc
  3. FLIP slip field not working (.hip attached)

    Hey Glenn! Enable the "Enlarge Fields to Contain Sources" option and change the Operation mode to Copy instead of Add Slip_Field_0100.hipnc
  4. FLip to bowl

    but it looks like you dont have the output node enabled inside the dopnet
  5. Flip Collison with thin layer

    Hey dude, Try decreasing the Collision Separation on the flip object Right now your collision looks like this: and it looks like this with a collision separation of 0.025
  6. FLip to bowl

    sorry, posted the wrong thing here
  7. Copy to Points Offset Problem

    Hey Taian, It's kinda hard to explain but it's also quite obvious. The 0,0,0 pos will always be on top of the base pts. Check it out, I changed the instaces to cubes so it gets less confusing. Let's say you have a box at the origin (0,0,0) and 3 points somewhere else this one box will copied on top of those 3 points if the box have an offset from the origin, it will get the same offset from the pts I hope makes any sense
  8. Flip fluid control viscosity with Bounding Box

    Hey Srecko, The simplest way is to create a pop group in dops and a pop wrangle with the new viscosity attribute. You must enable Viscosity by Attribute on the Viscosity tab FLIP_Viscous_bbox_0100.hiplc
  9. force fighting with rbd bricks

    Maybe shrinking it's collision shape? I'd totally give it a try, I believe the difference would be noticeable
  10. How can I pin RBD glued objects to a fix position?

    Here's it looks like btw
  11. How can I pin RBD glued objects to a fix position?

    Whats up Masoud! To fiz a piece to the wall you just have to inactivate it. You can add an i@activate = 0 to that specific piece (make sure you have it set to 1 on the other ones) or you can use the "new" RBD Configure Object node, like this: You must have both the Glue and Soft conrel inside dops to make the change when the constraint breaks, check it out: I think this 4 nodes are the best to create everything you need: I hope it helps. I changed the constraint type to a more apropriate one, on the corners of each piece, I think it works better like (not sure if thats what you need though) Best, Alvaro PackedRBD_Glue_Pinned_04.hiplc
  12. use @area inside divide sop

    You may see the immediate problem with this approach. What if you have multiple primitives with different areas? How do you know which primitive to chose the value from? Exactly! And in some situations it's a good idea to promote the area attribute to detail, using the Sum of all primitives area I can see you have only one poligon so you shouldn't worry about and just the 0 one I added the 2 exemplos to your file: area_divide.hiplc
  13. Hey Jack, it's exactly what Dennis said IMO Particle fluid surface is configured to work best with large scale and fast fluids. It tend to cause flickering in small scale setups so I think it's better to recreate it from scratch using only what you need
  14. How to use Attribute Fade?

    Hey Josh, not sure if it helps but the condensation setup on the shelf uses the Attribute Fade. It looks like it only needs an @emit_frame attribute
  15. Hey Jack, you're on the right track. The group idea should work. Added 2 meshing ideas to the setup 2_fluids_0100.hiplc