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  1. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    yeah, now it looks perfect! I'll give a try on the original scene now. Thank you very much, Konstantin!
  2. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    It's not getting the right sequence, do you know what it could be? :/
  3. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    You're a genius. I'll give it a try right now, thx!
  4. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    Dominik, one more thing. Do you think it can work with the uv quick shade sop? I'm not sure how to link the path in there.
  5. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    Thx I'll try make it work with redshift now to speed up the previews.
  6. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    Thx Dominik! This is exactly what I need. edit: It's working fine, it was my mistake For some reason it's missing the number 8. Do you know what it could be? Also, I'm putting the path on the string like this: s@takeimg = sprintf("E:/textures/numbers/num_%05d.jpg", @primnum+1); it's fine to use it like this, right?
  7. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    Thx Konstantin. This setup based on luminance looks pretty incredible! The shader thing would work fine. In this situation you have 4 textures applied by hand. Do you think is there a way to do it procedurally? I have hundreds (maybe thousends) of images to apply. I can't use a stamp btw, the original setup doesn't have a copysop. Thx, Alvaro
  8. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    Yeap, and it should be in the right order. 1st primitive have the 1st image, 2nd have the second one and so on.. I can't do it one by one because the original project have hundreds of images (it's something like a real life flipbook animation)
  9. Hey guys, Any idea on how can I apply an image sequence on multiple objects? I have this set of grids and a sequence of textures to apply on it but it can't be randomly. My first thought is through stylesheets (like on crowds) but i'm not sure if this is the best approach. (the original setup doesn't have a copysop though, so I can't use stamps) this is the jpg sequence i have: Scene file is a attached Thx RnD_Texture.Sequence_v100.rar
  10. Export Quicktime Error

    Hey guys, I'm having a hard time exporting mov files on H17. I can only export avi files and the files are pretty huge. This is the error. Does anyone knows what it could be? Thx Alvaro
  11. Vellum cloth preset settings

    I haven't seen presets like this (it would be awesome though) but to make it less bouncy you can just chage the solver's integration to first order
  12. Animated Mesh on Vellum

    Hey James, thank you! I just got horribly busy and I'll be only able to check the file in a couple of days. Thx
  13. Animated Mesh on Vellum

    Hey guys, is ti possible to put an animated mesh, with changing point count, on Vellum? This is what I need to simulate: Scene file is attached RnD_Embroidering_v202_odforce.hip
  14. Change some H17 Defaul Settings

    Nice, thx Mark!
  15. Hey guys, is it possible to change some of the new default settings from H17? Things that botter me are: - Origin Gnomon visibility (can it be off by default?) - Flipbook Resolution Settings (i'd like to keep it off) - Object Merge Sop / Relative Path (It was much easier for me when it was off by default) Thx