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  1. source flip fluid with velocity

    Hey Nicola, Cant you just set the v to be equal N? the Flip source should get the v attribute from the original geo Im still on H16 though so Im not sure how it would behave on H17
  2. copy low res position to hi res

    Ah, the dopimport must be set to Creat Points to Represent Objects
  3. copy low res position to hi res

    Hey, you can use a Transform pieces instead
  4. Bullet: Activate on Collisions or Start Sleeping

    Hey guys, I think the best option here would be to make the objects start sleeping. Just create an attribute i@bullet_sleeping = 1; (at sop level) Start_Sleep_v100.hiplc
  5. H17 breaking soft constraints

    Impossible not read it in your voice, Keith. lol
  6. Create multiple FEM over time?

    hey @Animatect, right now i'm much into vellum. Have seen it's freaking amazing speed?
  7. Vellum Super Rigid Constraints

    Thx Vusta, but it looks like the pearls would bend under pressure
  8. Vellum Peel

    Nice It's easier to post/ask stuff on facebook but eventually the topic get lost. It sucks that most of people just do it there
  9. Vellum Super Rigid Constraints

    Since I couldn't find a way to use RBD and Vellum, does anybody knows if it's possible to make super rigid constraints on a vellum object to make it act like a rock solid object?
  10. Glue RBD on Vellum

    Hey Noobini, thx! I got some shitty flickering using the boolean fracture as well, nice approach getting the line from the wax itself to cut it. I thought it would be easier to use packed RBD with vellum since everything is particles
  11. Glue RBD on Vellum

    Hey guys, is there way to do this? I have to rip an envelope and it have that wax sealing it. It rips just where the wax is. The wax doesn't break but it have to influence the vellum in some way. Anyway, just a simple test with RBD and Vellum interacting would be awesome. Thx
  12. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    Hey Atom, I can't make some screenshots now but here's what i'd do: if the vellum points have an attribrute i@stopped = 1 and other attribute i@gluetoanimation = 1 it will make this points follow the original geometry. If it's 0 in both it will be simulated. Not sure if you have to enable it on the vellum constraints in sops as well
  13. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    yeah, now it looks perfect! I'll give a try on the original scene now. Thank you very much, Konstantin!
  14. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    It's not getting the right sequence, do you know what it could be? :/
  15. Image Sequence / Multiple Objects (stylesheet?)

    You're a genius. I'll give it a try right now, thx!