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  1. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    Well noticed, nigel! If it's only the mesh you could also use the Collisions' options in the Regions tab of the Particle Fluid Surface to subtract that part of the mesh
  2. points orientation

    I'd try to make a static copy of it (using a time shift) and copy back the animated point position from the original object (using a copy attribute)
  3. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Hey guys, can someone please give me an idea on how create this effect? It's the one on 0:52 and 1:14 with a lot of people "flowing" around Thx
  4. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Cool! Do you know what does the "." means? Does "." points to the connected node? from the 1 (second) input...
  5. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Hey @Atom, I ended up using the offset by attribute, thx again I have one doubt about the expression you're using on the path deform node. You wrote: prim(opinputpath(".",1), @prim, "path_pos",0) what does the opinputpath(".",1) means? In my mind I should point it to the wrangle with the "path_pos" attribute but, of course, it doesn't work.
  6. Group rbd packs that broken

    Hey mohsen, check this out:
  7. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Alrigh, I just gave another try it's working with the for each sop Thank's @Atom! Cardume_Odforce_v3.03.hiplc
  8. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Hey, thx for the ideas! Atom, excellent idea, simple and streightforward. I couldnt make it deform with the pile of worm deformer (what a complex deformer btw) but I found another incredible one by Felix Joleanes that works fine I still couldn't make a lot of copies of it but, from the deformers video description, I can see it's possible. My file is attached if you guys want to give a try @chrisdunham95, thx for the idea, it looks like it could work but also would be pretty hard to control the fem/cloth sim. Atoms idea looks much simplier Cardume_Odforce_v3.02.hiplc
  9. Texture on flip mesh using rest, rest2

    Hey Esteban, I couldn't so I just quit and never tried it again. I still want to learn thi sone day though
  10. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    Cool! pls update the topic with news
  11. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    Hey Stephen, This is probably not the best approach but I think it's a starting point. You can make all the caches on the OUT context (using the merge node) Tea.Flip.Pyro_v1.01.hiplc
  12. Group rbd packs that broken

    Can't you bring the idea to dops with a sop solver?
  13. Group rbd packs that broken

    Hey Mohsen, this is not exactly what you're looking for but maybe it can give you some ideas. This setup groups the pieces at sop level RBD.group.broken.pieces.v1.01.hiplc
  14. Random geometry instance to particle

    hey John, check this out:
  15. flip object explosding

    Hey Nicola, I think Nigel is talking about surface tension with a negative value. It explodes quite nicelly
  16. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    hahahaha, i did my best
  17. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    And just let me know if have any doubts, not sure if i made everything clear enough
  18. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    hahaha, glad to help
  19. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    Hey Miguel, the other topic's idea would work only if the point count still always the same A workaround from this would be, just like you said, connect the points on the last frame. Here's what I did: Freeze on last frame. Connect the points. Delete the points based on the simulation points birth. Transfer the simulation points P to the frozen ones. check it out: Cheers, Alvaro connect-issue.v2.hiplc
  20. velocity to rbd

    Hey Mike, I never though of getting the vel from a volume but it's a great idea. You just have to transfer the values from the volume to the object, instead of merging it, using an Attribute from Volume. Like this: Cheers, Alvaro VOLUME_VELOCITY_TO_RBD.hiplc
  21. FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

    Hey guys, What is the best way to use the slip on collision control field, to avoid viscous fluid of sticking on objects? I managed to do it with the help of a friend, using the gas match field + a source volume. it works fine for static objects but not at all for moving ones. I have a project with an alembic animation and I really need to use it on the animated surface. Can someone help me? Here's the setup in dops: Here's it working fine with a static object. It's a top view and the red box is the sliping object: and here the red box is animated, not working: Not sure if this is the best way to approach it so any other ideas would reeaally help me scene file is attached Cheers, Alvaro flip.slip.v2a.hiplc
  22. Granular Sheet - Can't Rip the Mesh

    Does anyone know's how to solve it? It must be simple but I just can't find a solution anywhere :/ Grains in Dop: Mesh in Sop: Thx again, Alvaro granular sheet - ripping it.rar
  23. liquid metal effect

    Hey Christian, this is very interesting. Idk what is the best waqy to proceed but the entagma snow flake tutorial can be a starting point: _ Alvaro
  24. cloth to motion path

  25. cloth to motion path

    hey SO, can yout use the Pop Curve Force? It looks like it's working but I had to change the setup to the shelf default one Check it ou: I also increased the constraint's Search Radius to make it more "stiff" 03_sim_c_v01a_fix.hiplc