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  1. Does anyone know if grains in vellum have a similar hard constraint like rigid shape matching in normal pop grains?
  2. Vellum animated constraints

    Thanks Victor I will take a look, I actually found a work around which was to create a animated group in sops and then read that group back into a group created in a sop solver in dops using a `pointlist` expression. Its not working with attributes but it does what I needed. Will take a look at yours to. Thanks.
  3. Vellum animated constraints

    Has anyone had any luck breaking constraints in vellum with animated attributes? I have set up a simple scene the constraint breaks fine using a non animated attribute but if you go outside the dop and plug the BREAK null into the animated colour the constraint fails to break, I've tried breaking it with some simple vex and had a play around with the vellumconstraintproperty node to but not having much luck. on a side note has anyone been having a problems with the new visualizer tools in 17? should be able to click on a attribute in info tab and it will show the attribute in the view-port, seems to be throwing a error. Thanks. string_release.hip
  4. constraint groups

    managed to get this working creating a group inside a sop solver
  5. Dynamic Christmas balls

    This might be of some use
  6. Hi I am trying to understand the applyrel node a bit more, and more specifically I am trying to add constraints on the fly by adding points into a group on sop level. half way kind of there but as always with Houdini running into a few issues. If anyone could possible take a look at my scene and point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated. wirescon.hip
  7. Hi all, Im trying to create constraints between packed primitives that are emitted into dop, the teapot example that comes with Houdini would be a good example of this, but then I want to create constraints between these primitives. I've been through a few post on this forum but still really struggling to get my head around constraints, especially as most examples have constraints already set at sop level. Ive tried using a sop solver inside the dop to bring in the the packed prims and create a constraint network, Im sure thats the way to go but struggling to get it it work. Any help would be welcome thank you. I have attached a capture from cinema 4d that illustrates the effect I am trying to achieve. preview.mov teapot.hip preview.mov
  8. Split Volume

    Thanks for your help Jeff I will take a look and let you know. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to split a volume? I have a pyro simulation that uses two different fluid sources, I was wondering if its possible to split the out volume based on their source so I can apply two different shaders? I was taking a look at using a volume vop after the sim to split it but not sure how I would go about it.
  10. Hi all was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, im trying to group points based on nearest neighbour which I have working based on the old While loop thanks to a scene file from this forum. Trouble is my lack of understanding of the new loops and after watching the loops master class video im still struggling a bit, it was my understanding that the new while loops have the condition built into them? I have uploaded a scene file if anyone has the time to take a look, the right side is the old way and working whilst the left is new and broken. Thank you. loopTrouble.hiplc
  11. Hi all, trying to set up Houdini server and hqueue on osx 10.8.4 with Production build (15.0.416) when trying to install its errors, looking at the requirements its say that osx 10.10 is needed, updating our server to Yosemite probably isn't a option at this point as its working for our other server needs fine and don't want to change it. does anyone have any work around for this other than maybe installing on separate windows machine. Thanks.
  12. solver VDB

    Hi, does anyone know how you would go about applying whats happening in these thread but instead of to geometry its applied to a deforming vdb? http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20076-use-of-sopsolver-on-deforming-geo/?hl=%2Bsolver+%2Bprevious+%2Bframe#entry120265 http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22667-solver-sop-animated-geometry/?hl=%2Bsolver+%2Bprevious+%2Bframe+%2Band+%2Bfirst+%2Binput#entry134374 Thanks for any help
  13. OK got it working thanks for the Help sekow turns out my extrusion points wernt fullyt conecte so wasnt creating a full poly Ilsand
  14. would I still need to set a attribute name piece on my fractured geo?
  15. thanks for the reply I have tried that, still not working I think the issue may be I dont have sepearte islands maybe but when I use the esplode view node I does seperate correctly. Ive tried usingh the conectivity and partition sop to to seperate but still no luck.