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  1. Houdini in a browser? Kinda!

    Hey all, thanks for the enthusiasm! Have a play http://spokecreator.com Sign up/in top right. There are some example scenes (if logged in, click on 'show public' in the open dialog). Very very much in alpha so beware. We want to take this places, but for now it is rather nice fallout from an advanced online surfboard customiser we're developing for a customer. Spoke Creator is geared towards creation and presentation of fully manufacturable digital product models, online.
  2. I'm on Mac and I got lucky: there's a free-to-use dev version of Rhino available for download. Rhino does a superb job at importing my Houdini IGES, and exporting it as a dwg. It imports flawlessly into Illustrator and AutoCAD. http://community.irhino3d.com/
  3. I'm trying to find a good solution to cleanly translate a simple Houdini curve (an open polyline or NURBS curve) for import in AutoCAD. Ideally .dwg format. I could be happy with just getting into Illustrator, but the real challenge is AutoCAD. To be honest, I've already done it. Export as IGES, then import in AutoCAD using a custom importer: http://www.sharewareconnection.com/iges-import-for-autocad.htm It's 200$ though, and I'm looking for a free, and (ideally) clean and easy solution. Shoot!
  4. Just as a sanity check, does anybody else have MUCH slower OpenGL performance in Houdini 8 (9 is OK) when geo has a Cd attribute? This happens on my two Linux boxes, both in 32 and 64bit, again Houdini 8 only. Try a 50000 poly object and add color to it with a point SOP.