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  1. Hi Atom, Thank you for replying. The sim time was 30 minutes in my actual file with the expression in the center but the logic makes sense. I should only center it on the first frame. I am not sure if this is how we compare performance - I have connected the custom velocity to all 3 inputs and i found different sim times. This is on the 25th frame :). I am sure it might change a lot over time depending on the way it moves.
  2. Hi guys, first time asking a question here :). So i have an object that is travelling a distance - The sim time without any additional user created velocity is about 30 minutes I am using sparse pyro system for this And whenever i try to add turbulent wind ( like the ambient wind on a stormy day) , the sim times increases exponentially ( 16+ hours and still going on ) I think that this is because, the velocities are being induced into the entire region rather than just the active region. Is there a way to fix this? By fix i mean - reduce the sim times and have the velocity only affect the active region? Please find the attached file for more reference. Thanks in advance test.hipnc