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  1. Thanks. I made a simple scene and got things working immediately. It seems there are gremlins in the Rops I have linked to my HDA. I might try doing all the concatenating with python and just put the final result into the rop.
  2. So I have a scene that composites a bunch of meshes together. What I want to do is build a descriptive filename based on parameters I have set. For example if the mesh is male or female, what version of pants, or shirt is it using etc. I have a ROP with a two expressions in it. The 2nd expression `chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")` seems to work fine because it is just concatenating a numeric value (0-5) based on a slider position. However trying to add the string prefix HMM, or HMF I'm not having luck. First I tried to use an IF statement, but could not replace the true, false values of 0 and 1 with strings. So I made some detail - string attributes with the prefixes, and then a switch node to pitch the appropriate prefix, but cannot seem to place that detail string attribute in my filename. Aslo tried a local variable $ATT without success. I have tried, $HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`chs("GENDER/string1")`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj - i get nothing.. _LEG_Default. $HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`chsraw("GENDER/string1")`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj - I get the $ATT local variable but not its actual value of (hmm or hmf) $HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`details("../GENDER","GENDER",0)`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj - Any ideas? or a better approach to making dynamic file names in a rop? Thanks.
  3. So I have a switch node I want to direct based on what another switch node's channel is set to. AFAIK || is the "OR" nomenclature but going back to H13 I have not been able to get this to work. Basically if the first switch is set to 3, 5 or 6 set the second switch to 1.. if its not 3,5 or 6 flip it the other way. This is the expression that I have, but it seems to result in in any value being true (1). What am I doing wrong? it doesn't error if(ch("../switch_GLV/input")==3 || 5 || 6, 1,0)
  4. Learning VOPSOP

    Awesome thank you very much!
  5. Learning VOPSOP

    Could someone, explain.. how the ambient occlusion VOP is made.. works (vop network image?).. or repost a .hipnc? Unfortunately all the supporting files seem to lead to dead ends at this time. I would really like to try and make this.
  6. Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a way to specifiy specific point number values. Ie. Say I have 4 pts, normally houdini would tell me they are 0, 1, 2, 3 ... is there a way for me to.. make point #2... have a point ID of 20.. so its .. 0, 1, 20, 3 ? Specifically what I want to do is associate a PT# with a group.. groupA is always PT# 37, groupB is always PT# 22. Thanks for your help.
  7. Dang, and there I was thinking it was just an expression I wasn't aware of or a syntax error
  8. Hi there, I have two point groups, LeftN and RightN. using the "point" expression, I would normally write $PT, or a specific # for the floating point number argument, but in this case the the point numbers vary. Is there a way to replace $PT, or a specific point number with a point group? point("../xform15", (pointlist("../LeftN", "LeftN")), "P", 2) is what I have but no dice.
  9. Hi there. I have 6 images of various sizes pulled into a switch node in a COP network. I want to change the input index value of the switch based on the $F frame number. With the idea of using a ROP to render out a different result per frame. I can manually scrub the switch, but when I put in the $F expression its not happy. The issue is when I put $F -1 in the input index channel, I get an error saying not all the images are the same size or format or plane etc, and to possibly use a blendCOP. Is there anyway around this?, or another way to achieve animating in the switch index of a bunch of random images. Formatting all the images to be the same dimensions will likely break what I'm actually doing. Thanks for your help.
  10. Orienting normals

    Thanks for the example file. Had to open it in H14 apprentice. The pointvop_setup_vector node errors in 13. I don't see anything super 14 specific, so should be easy to replicate, thank you.
  11. I seem to run into this issue a lot. I create a line of points, and then use the sort $TX-$TX2 .. trick to get all the normals pointing down the line. The heading and pitch are fine, but the "bank" is very often not what I want. Which is obvious when I begin to copy geo to those points. I have tried using things like polyframe, and even blending normals from two sources with a vop sop without much success. Is there some sort of "up vector" trick I don't know of. I seem to alwayy be able to only get 2 of the 3 orientations of the normal how I want. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. Great thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm.
  13. Cool, thanks. The foreach crossed my mind but seemed Like I must me missing something. I am guessing if I wanted to "translate" each prim a separate amount (by the area attribute of each prim) I would need to do the same? I was not able to just copy paste relative ref in the "T.z" field of the Xtransform sop, and the prim expression gets me no where either. I can only get global translation when using prim("../measure3", $PR, "area", 0) .. if i swap out the $PR for a number then everything moves by that one prim's area value.
  14. So I was using a measure sop to get the area of a bunch of polys. Which creates the prim attribute "area". What I wanted to do was use the area value of each prim to drive its depth scale in the "extrude" sop. Seems simple enough except the extrude sop does not recognize $PR as a local variable ie. prim("../measure3", $PR, "area", 0). I though ok, I'll promote the area prim attribute to a detail or point attribute, but I could not find a promotion method that did not just give me one value. * Is there a way to actually use the "extrude" sop to do this? my question is purely academic but I would like to know the "proper" way, it seems like I got lucky that the polyextrude was an option. I eventually solved the issue by using the polyextrude sop which does recognize $PR.