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  1. Wanted to share a fun technique for emitting curves with stringy behavior using pop grains. It's fast and stable so you can simulate many strands interacting together. Using the explicit constraints feature of popGrains, primitives that constrain the points are made on the fly during each timestep in a sop solver. Hope this is fun and/or useful to some of you Link to render and hip file: Vimeo Link -Nema emittingStrands.hipnc
  2. I think what you need to do is: 1. Set the iteration method to "By Pieces" and set the new parameters that pop up. Piece Elements = Primitives Piece Attribute = name Then set the "Method" for block_begin2 to "Fetch Piece" and make sure the input objects have a name attribute. Hope that helps.
  3. You're welcome! Im really not sure, maybe they wanted to avoid custom attributes being transformed by default.
  4. Hi Jessie, The reason they are different is because the copy sop is transforming (rotating) the N but not the Direction attribute you created. When you create a vector attribute with a bind in vops: it makes it a float[3], so if you look in your geo spreadsheet the Direction attribute will show direction[0], direction[1], direction[2]. But N has N[x],N[y],N[z]. The [xzy] indicates that the attribute should be transformed by any operations that do transformations (like the copy sop with "Transform" using template point attributes). The direction however shows [012] so it will not be transformed. You can fix this with an add attribute node with "Type Info" set accordingly. attributeTypeInfo.hipnc
  5. Hey Squardis, I'm not 100% sure I understood your question, but let me know if this file helps. vops_switchDispOrColor.hipnc
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