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  1. Hi, I can get arclen of the curve by UVs using primarclen() Can i do opposite thing ?
  2. Trace or Gather functions in cvex

    Yeah, thank you. Just found it. = )
  3. Trace or Gather functions in cvex

    Hi everyone ! 1) Im using attributewrangle with Point mode. 2) I have curve and normal for each point on curve. 3) I have mesh. So, i want to shoot from each point on curve along normals and when it will reach geometry i want to get parameter on the geometry at this point. I found trace and gather functions but they only works in shop network. Attribute Wrangle using cvex and it release an error if i try to use them. xyzdist - finds the closest point. So do someone have any ideas how i can do this. Thank you.
  4. I`ve made some setup with hinge and cone twist constraints and with bullet solver everything work well, but i tried to evaluate the same thing with rbd solver, cone twist constraint stoped working, do someone know why ? Thank you.
  5. Bullet collisions

    Oh, thank you so much !
  6. Bullet collisions

    Yes, i did. I made a simple example. It works for rbd but doesnt work for bullet. collisions.hipnc
  7. Bullet collisions

    Is it possible make 2 objects not to collide with each other with bullet solver ? Ive tried to do some Collider Label - No collide and merge - No change - None tricks, but it only works for rbd solver.
  8. RBD Glue Constraint

    I use dop_geometry in sop solver, this node loads current geometry from dop each frame, then we can change it and send it back to solver. If you want to know more about other nodes you can just look in houdini help. Example with glue constraint glue_example.hipnc
  9. Randomize a start animation time inside a For Each SOP

    I think it better to do this thing, look inside sop solver in dop. 123.hipnc
  10. RBD Glue Constraint

    I dont know why did u use so much stuff in ur scene, it works really slow if u want people to help u just make a simlple scenes that works fast. I made an example for you. This is one of the ways to do what you want if u want another result i will help you. ARB_shot0010_roof_v23_SIM_PACKED.hipnc.hipnc
  11. RBD Glue Constraint

    You posted file that contains geometry files on ur computer so it doesnt work. You shoud load a test file with no imported geometry. Im not sure what u are looking for, but if u cant use glue constraint for some reason u can: 1) Create attribute named active for u fracture Packed geometry in sop (set it to 0) 2) Create sop solver in dop 3) Inside sop solver: use merge object ( set Into this object and load your animated geometry ) create goup set it to bounding object and use points connect dop_geometry and object merge to group then create attribute for this group name active and set it to 1 This will activate fracture pieces when your animated geometry will interact with fractured geometry
  12. Randomize a start animation time inside a For Each SOP

    I dont actually get what result do you want. Do you want each pieace dissapear in his own frame or you want all pieaces dissapear in random frame ?
  13. wire-simulation in combination with RBD objects

    I saw the same question before, check this file Sam.6844.hipnc
  14. wire-simulation in combination with RBD objects

    Check this example, it could help you. dop_test3_803.hipnc
  15. pre-fractured glass render

    The most common thing, i think, using 2 objects animate visiblity or u can use sop solver and multisolver in dop to do some tricks with 2 objects.