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  1. Change preset path location

    Hey Kim, Is this what you were looking for? http://forums.odforce.net/topic/13701-how-to-share-a-otl-with-preset-to-other-users/
  2. Texture Mix Problem

    I did have uvs in my original file, but I forgot to implement them into the file I posted. But thanks a lot for your help! I do not have a reason not to do it in SHOPs, I was wondering how to do this in a way I was familiar in and I have never made use of SHOPs. But this is a good point to finally look into it.
  3. Texture Mix Problem

    Hello Od|forum! I ran into a little problem. I had the idea to make a procedural texture. I wanted to use ambient occlusion to blend texture A with texture B. I used a Pointvop to blend the two textures. Two Colormaps hold the two different textures which both go into a Mix. I used the AO I already got on the floor as the Bias in the Mix. This method kind of works. Texture B, which is green, is in the places I want it to. Texture A as well. However; both of them do not have the checkered pattern that is in the texture. Is there someting I missed? Or is it a viewport thing? Thanks in advance! -Bram Texture_Mix_Problem_01.rar
  4. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    Thanks al lot. I think I did have the solution for a minute when I was hecticly trying to make it work. It looks similar to what I had at one point. However, it did not work back then. Yours on the other hand works like a charm as always. Thank you.
  5. Find Shortest Path

    I can't believe I did not see that. Thanks a lot!
  6. Find Shortest Path

    Hello, I wanted to use the Find Shortest Path node. I like the node, but I only understand the basics of it. I want to use it to connect two points with Consider Turning costs turned on. However; I want it to look like the red line I drew below. I want the line to do from A to B (or from B to A), take the minimum amount of turns, but go at least one unit forward before doing so. I do not want to use the outer most points of the grid. Is this a function within the node? My example files did not seem to work sadly. Thanks! -Bram
  7. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    Pezetko, you are my hero! This is excately what I wanted to do with it. I hoped to get more experience with houdini while working with it, but I don't see any improvement myself, sadly. Where did you get your Houdini expertise? I don't really like to keep asking questions when I can't answer the questions of others. -Bram
  8. Procedural Bicycle

    Here is a demonstration of a bicycle tool I made a couple of months ago as a school assignment. -Bram
  9. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    That was my intention in the first place, but I forgot to attach it. Room 0 and 1 should be in the upper left corner of the map just in case you can't find them. Procedural_Dungeon_Doorway_Problem_01.hipnc
  10. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    The foreach was also my first thing ot try before I posted, but when I used that it would change each doorway at the same time with one slider. I don't really get your second solution, though. I haven't been using Houdini for that long to understand most of its features sadly.
  11. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    Hello again! Hopefully all of you had a nice christmas or christmas equivalent! I ran into a new problem again. I am making doorways for the rooms that have been generated and let the user choose the position of those doorways along the side of the selected room. This works perfectly with the code Pezetko shared. The way I made it workes great for only 1 selected room. If I select another one with it, the doorway will go switch from the first room to the second. I know this is because of the way I select the rooms I want to change, but I cannot find a way that work the way I want it to be. I create points along a selected room where a single grid will be copied on. Then I delete everything except the point where I want the doorway to be. Now, If I select a second room, the points of the second room will be added to it. Do you guys know a way where I can select my room (lets say 52) and let my doorway only be created on the points of room 52 and not go the points of (lets say) 98 and vice versa? -Bram
  12. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    Works like a charm! If I did not give the controls any rooms to delete the blast node would delete everything since it had nothing in its group parameter. I worked my way around it by adding a dummy room and changed the first line of your script to " string out = "Dummy_Room"; This way there was always something to delete and allowed me to keep the rest of the rooms. Again, thanks a lot for your help! -Bram
  13. Procedural Dungeon Delete Room Problem

    Thanks! This works great. However; I have another small problem now. I want to add a toggle so the user can choose to delete the room or not. I want to add more functions to the room and not always delete it. Unfortunately I am not proficient in scripting, yet. So If I have room 4 and 7 selected in the controls, but room 7 is toggled off. In what way do I have to change the script in the Blast node to only delete room 4 and not both?
  14. Hello dear people Odforce, I am currently working on a procedural dungeon for an assignment and I ran into some trouble. I wanted to give the user some freedom and allow him/her to alter the state of the rooms. Let's say, delete or keep the selected room. To control this I wanted to use a Multiparm Block Folder. In there I want to select the room and choose if I want to delete the selected room it or not. (Together with some more functions) So in the image below I want to delete room 24 and 47 I figured out how to select and detete one single room, but I can not make it to work if I add more selection. When made, I group each room individually. Then I blast the room I have selected. Room_`chs("../CONTROLS/roomnumber1")` Now, this will only delete that one room and not the others I have selected. In a perfect world I would have put an asterix instead of the 1 (Room_`chs("../CONTROLS/roomnumber*")`), so all my selections will be deleted. Sadly I do no live in that perfect world and now I am stuck on this problem. Do you guys have a answer or an alternative solution to for this problem? Thanks in advance - Bram